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    Areca nut Seeds or saplings

    Hi, Areca Nut(Paku in tamil) Seeds or Saplings required for farm, any one interest on selling seeds or saplings, please
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    Marutha Maram

    Hi friends, I need Marutha maram Sapplings, please help where i can buy Marutha Maram tree saplings.
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    Question Teak Plantation in Tamilnadu

    Hi, I plan to start teak plantation on my 2-Acre Field, please help good varieties in teak and what are the government procedures in tamilnadu. I plan to buy Teak sapling from experience suppliers.
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    Wanted Mangium Australian Teak plants

    I plan to cultivate 2 acre of land for Teak wood tree, Please provide the good Quality Mangium (Australian teak) teak wood variety plants..