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    Consultant Required - Organic Farming in Navi Mumbai

    Dear member Contact me on 9423385677 Based in Navi Mumbai More than 25 years of experience in farming Call for advise.
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    Production In-charge for Bio Fertilizer & Bio-Pesticides Factory

    I'm based in Kinshasa DRCongo Africa M.Sc in Agriculture with 25 yrs xperience I have good knowledge of biofertilizers and pesticides Send details +243 972981960 +91 9423385677
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    how to make 75000/year/acre income by doing agriculture ??

    You reap what you sow. How much are you ready to invest. What is the infrastructure on f arm viz irrigation system electricity farm machinery security etc Where exactly is it situated All these things will decide what you should grow
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    AGRONOMY TURNKEY SOLUTION AND Agro tech Manpower service to AFRICA

    Hi I am based in Congo Will be interested in your services Send details Skype devdatta.kadam
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    Raw Cashew Nuts - West African Continent

    Dear Friend, I am based in Kinshasa DRC. Kindly let me know your details. I hail from konkan region of India which is famous for cashews, and I am myself a agriculture graduate from Konkan Agriculture University.
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    Tissue culture G9 banana plants for sale

    wanted TC banana in D.R.Congo Send details
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    how to prevent from the damages from wild boar

    Dear Rakesh, Few farmers have tried sprinkling fermented cow urine+ cowdung around the place of entry, also try to put gulal or any fluorescent colour on rocks. If there is aproachable animal zoo around you can collect faeces of big cats and spread them at entry points Thanks
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    Need Person or Company to do farming

    Dear Prashant, Send me u r contact details or contact my friend Mr Kiran Sathe .Give my reference as Devdatta Kadam from Namibia,South Africa
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    Wanted Farm Manager,for Congo ( Africa)

    Dear Mr.Pillai, We are starting agro project in Namibia under my consultancy. Working together can be advantageous and beneficial. Devdatta Kadam(M.Sc Agri)
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    Farming in Africa

    Hi Sanjay, We are starting with 1000 acres in Namibia. If you are really interested then contact me Namibia. I will be in India from 24/08/11 to 02/09/11 Regards, Devdatta Kadam
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    land on joint venture

    We are a group and interested in your proposal contact me
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    Tissue culture banana plantlets of Nandren, G9 for sale

    dear Mr Chandran send details of nendren,Please contact..
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    24 hour composting technology

    composting Difficult to understand,can one compost banana plants ,send details
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    Project consultancy for optimum land use

    Creativemandar I am M.Sc.(Agri) doing consultancy jobs in Raigad and Thane districts for last 20 years,growing papayas,bananas,vegetables,and high density fruit plantations I am well versed with Sudhagad taluka.I stay Panvel Dist:Raigad If you are interested in commercial farming please feel...