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    Opportunity We are looking for Stevia Crop [Stevia Dry Leaves] 10Tons per month [Buyback Agreement for 5years]

    We require Stevia Cultivation in 75Acres in and around of the Ahmedabad City of Gujarat. Those interested with minimum 25acres of land please contact us for further details. It is an urgent and immediate requirement agreement will be signed on first-cum-first-basis.
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    Wanted Golden Opportunity is knocking for Indian Farmers!!

    China was the major exporter of Stevia Cultivation Products (Stevioside & Rebaudioside), post-COVID-19 things are going to be tough for China to export food-related products to US, European and African markets. This opens up a very good opportunity for India and Indian farmers to take benefits...
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    Stevia Cultivation Advantages in India

    For Stevia Cultivation Information & Advantages please check the following:
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    Opportunity Stevia Contract Farming (100-150acres)

    We are setting up Stevia Extraction Units of 500Kg & 1000Kg inputs per day in multiple locations of India. To Integrate with these each Stevia Extraction Units we are looking for Stevia Contract Farming of 100 to 150 acres with buyback agreement for 5 years. Individuals or Group of Farmers...