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    Opportunity Need farmers to cultivate medicinal herbs under buyback programme

    hi.we are having 100 acres of land out of which 30 acres is vacant. Having ample water supply with 10 bore wells. Interested in buyback proram. Yagna Narayana
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    Hydroponic Consultancy Services in India

    planning to start hydroponic farming in 2000 to 5000 sft in andhrapredesh. pl send project report with quotation. also pl inform if any govt subsidy is available
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    selling emu birds

    Pl let me know the location in vijayawada and no of birds. I am also from vijayawada . what is the expected price
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    Financial Instrument For Lease/Sale ( BG, SBLC, MTN)

    sir we have limits so we can utilise the instument for our business purpose. Pl send us your contact details
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    Land sale - Good Land

    pl send details like soil type and land cost
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    Funding Offer funding available

    praposal for funding or partnership Dear sir Iam from Andhrapredesh,India Iam planning to go for an integrated agricultural project which includes short term commertial crops Dairyform,Goat breeding and rearing (not stallfed)along with fish ponds, which are all interlinked and generates...
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    Looking for Agriculture land in Srikakulam, AP & Orissa border districts.

    pl inform what is the price i want to buy 50 to 100 acres depending on price narayana rao
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    Wanted Farmers to Cultivate Stevia leaves for US

    Dear mr Srinivasan, Iam narayana rao having 55acres of land (red soil with Ph 6.5% and having sufficient water supply by way of borewells. Iam interested in Stevia cultivation.Please let me know the terms of your buyback offer and the price...
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    about mushroom

    mushroom Iam interested, pl send full details
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    Agri Land near Hyderabad

    dearsir, Iam interested inyour land. pl tell me a little bit about your land like type of soil, (red or black cotton) availability of electricity and approach road. once you send this details I will come and meet you thanks $ regards, Yagnanarayana
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    Wanted 150-200 acres per acre within Rs.15,000

    dear sir, Iam interested in agri land which rate starts from rs 7000. pl give somemore infirmation. iam planning to buy minimum 100acres.
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    We provide loans, project financing & bank instrument to farmers/individuals

    Dear sir/Madame. We are planning Stevia and coleus forming along with fisheries and goat forming in Andhra predesh.for this we need only half million euros. Pl inform if it is possible and we would like to know if the lease is extendable for one or two more years.Awaiting your...
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    Get 75% subsidy to grow Oroxylum indicum from NHPB

    Sir we are interested. Pl give us more details. regards, yagnanarayana