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  1. shanmuga06

    For Sale Pure Honey and Drumstick

    We are having the good quality in genuine breed of Valayapatti desi herbal Moringha saplings are propagated by air layering graft method.The life span of valayapatti desi moringa will be minimum20 years.The yield pattern of valayapatti Deshi Moringh will be minimum 2000 pods per tree per year...
  2. shanmuga06

    Wanted Dried Moringa leaves or Moringa powder

    we are having the herbal valayapatti breed moringa saplings are propagated by air layered graft method.The world class uncomparable variety of Moringha "PKM-1`" foundation /breeder seeds available. A Sivakumar,
  3. shanmuga06

    PRIYA Deshi herbal drumstick saplings

    We are having the world class uncomparable variety of Tamarind is the only "PKM-1" Tamarind .We are proppagating by veener side approch grafting method. A Sivakumar
  4. shanmuga06

    Wanted Guava plants

    We are having the Taiwan PINK hi yield Guava saplings for ready to plantation. A Sivakumar.
  5. shanmuga06

    Wanted I want to plant some trees in our village near Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu as a social service.

    we are having the Divine tree plants like Maha Bilwa will be planted in Lord Shiva temples(5,7,9 & 11 leaves in one tree).Ega Bilwa for Shiva & Vishnu Temples tree/Kasi Bilwa for garland making from the Kasi Bilwa leaves.And also we are having the Birth star plants. A Sivakumar.
  6. shanmuga06

    For Sale Many variety big height plants like tuiruvodu rudraksham available

    We are having the Mahaviva,Egabilwa,Kasi Bilwa & vanni . a Sivakumar
  7. shanmuga06

    For Sale Moringa Drumstick seeds ODC 3 PKM 2 PKM 1

    Now a days the ODC-3 moringha is familiar among farmers.Because the ODC-3 moringha pods are very rich green ,freshness for 10 days and its very suitable for export. A Sivakumar.
  8. shanmuga06

    For Sale Want to sell moringa pod in Mysore

    We are having the foundation / breeder seeds of "PKM-1 & ODC-3 moringha seeds for plantation.And also having the Tradtional Deshi herbal Moringha (air layered propagation method ) saplings available. A Sivakumar.
  9. shanmuga06

    For Sale Lemon plants and custard apple plants for sale .

    We are having the good quality in genuine breed of "BALAJI"acid lemon saplings propagated by air layered grafted method for purity of breed,early maturity for flowering. A Sivakumar
  10. shanmuga06

    For Sale Red jack fruit sapling plant.

    We are having the good quality in genuine breed of Palur-1(Panrutti promoted by TNAU) veneer approach side grated saplings for ready to plantation. A Sivakumar,
  11. shanmuga06

    Wanted Gondharaj Lemon

  12. shanmuga06

    Wanted Plant sampling’s wanted - Rudraksham and Mahila

    We are having the "Rudraksham"(Elaeocarpus GANITRUS) sapligs from Nepal,Mahila Maram (Mimusops Elengi(bakula) seedlings ,Golden Bamboo slips & all kinds of tree plants. A Sivakumar,
  13. shanmuga06

    Wanted Drumstick seeds

    We are having the good quality in genuine breed of "PKM-1 & 2(TNAU),ODC-3 foundation /breeders moringa seeds for plantation.And also having the Traditional deshi herbal Moringa saplings(kappalpatti karu Moringa & valayapatti selection breeds) saplings (propagated by air layering grafted...
  14. shanmuga06

    Wanted Guava seedlings wanted

    We are having the following best hi breed varities of GUAVA like Lucknow -49,Alagabad safeda,Arika Kiran(IIHR),Thailand white royal,Lalit (Redflesh) & Taiwan Pink .The above said varieties are promoted n propagated by air layering graft,Veener side approch grafting & macro clonel methods for...
  15. shanmuga06

    Wanted Indian Traditional Tree saplings needed at low cost near Vellakovil

    We are having the all kinds of fruit plants( traditional & hitech), agro forestry for timber value added tree plants,aroma with divine plants, herbalic medicinal plants & birth star plants. For more details us: A Sivakumar,
  16. shanmuga06

    Question Natural fencing

    The natural fencing of the agricultural land is good producing the main utility crops.The following spices are very fruitful results in nature fencing like kiluvai(Commiphora caudata/Burseraceae) .Its available in private pata land and wild forest area. A Sivakumar,
  17. shanmuga06

    For Sale Organic first quality moringa or drumstick seed and plants at low rate

    We are having the"PKM-1" foundation sweeds for 99 percentage germination with bumper yield.By the by we also having the foundation seeds of "ODC-3" for pumper yield. A Sivakumar,
  18. shanmuga06

    Question Questions related to Melia Dubia Plantation

    Hello Sirs, The Melia Dubia is a miracle tree there is no doubt .But we are in the position of harvesting period.The price of the melia dubia logs in the critical .No body ensuring the price of the melia dubia timber.Kindly any body having good idea of the price of melia dubia will throw some...
  19. shanmuga06

    Wanted Wanted seed of sandalwood

    We are having good quality genuine breed of agroforestry seeds from well matured trees like Sandalwood,Reds anders,Swetinea mahagony,Rose Wood,Gmelina Arborea(KUMIL),Pungan(pungamia Pinatto related season time. And also we are able to supply all kinds of timber value seedlings,aroma...
  20. shanmuga06

    Question SandalWood Cultivation

    The healthy and very opt for planting the sandalwood will have the following conditions like one year old ,(the seed also belongs to RooT-1),the height of the sandalwood seedling will be one and feet height with black stalk rich green leaves. Any kind of cultivation as well as plantation please...