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    Wanted Lemon powder, mint powder, tulsi powder, hibiscus powder

    We need the following items: Lemon powder Mint powder Tulsi powder hibiscus powder Manufacturers can contact
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    Wanted Wanted gall nuts

    We are looking for imported gallnut for our tannic acid manufacturing. Suppliers please reply to email address Ram iyer
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    For Sale Avocado (Butter fruit)

    We can supply Avocado (BUTTER FRUIT) directly from Farm in Kerala. Interested buyers can contact
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    For Sale Black Pepper

    Black pepper (ungarbled) new crop available at Rs.300 / kg Ex-farm. + gst. Interested buyers contact. White pepper is also available
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    For Sale Piper longum root powder

    We can supply 400 MTs per month of Piper longum root powder. This comes under Ayurved category 30039001. Interested buyers please contact Ramakrishnan on 9819283866
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    For Sale Kadukkai powder (Harad powder) in Salem

    We have 1.5 tons of Kadukkai powder (Harad powder) - Terminalia Chebula powder in Salem. Interested buyers can contact Ramakrishnan V Iyer on 9819283866.
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    For Sale Avocado (Butter fruit)

    We can supply 5 to 6 truck loads of Avocado (butter fruit) per month. Interested buyers please call Ramakrishnan Iyer 9819283866 or email at
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    Acorus Calamus (Vasambu)

    We have about 8 tons of Acorus Calamus (Vasambu) unpolished near Coimbatore for ready delivery.
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    sappan wood powder

    We have 100 kgs of Sappan heart wood powder for sale. Best price will be offered for genuine buyers.
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    10 dab

    we have firm inquiry for 10DAB for export purpose. jPlease email to us the CoA and quantity readily available. Please call 09819283866 Email :
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    gum arabic

    We offer Gum Arabic Talha & Hashab Variety from Sudan. Interested buyers can contact on 09819283866 or email to
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    Vitamin D2

    We can supply Vitamin D2 about 10 - 15 Tons per month. Interested parties can email to / 09819283866 Ramakrishnan iyer
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    salacia reticulata

    We can supply Salacia Reticulata with requisite forest permit.
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    pumpkin seeds

    We can supply pumpkin seeds from Sudan. Interested buyers can contact Ramakrishnan iyer Mobile : 09819283866 ; email :
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    gum arabic

    We are indenting agents for GUM ARABIC TALHA variety from Sudan. Interested buyers can contact Ramakrishnan Iyer on 09819283866 or email at
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    essential oils

    We need the following : Kanna oil (Sceletium tortuosum) Kratom oil (Mitragyna speciosa ) Kava Kava oil (Piper methysticum Acorus Calamus oil Valerian oil Aminita Muscaria oil Ginseng oil Please reply to / 09819283866 - Ramakrishnan iyer
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    nux vomica

    We have 900 kgs of Nux vomica seeds in Mumbai. Interested parties can contact on or call 09819283866 Ramakrishnan V.
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    We have requirement of Manathakkali leaves. Suppliers please email their offer along with quantity available to
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    Nux Vomica

    We have about 900 kgs of Nux Vomica seeds ready in Mumbai. Interested parties can contact Ramakrishnan iyer at
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    Robusta coffee beans

    We have 5 tons of Robusta coffee beans ready for despatch. Interested parties may email to / Call : 09819283866 Ramakrishnan V