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    Question Effect of changes proposed by Finance Minister for Agriculture on 14 and 15 May 2020

    We want expert opinion on the changes proposed by Finance Minister for making Agriculture attractive for Indians. Specific issues like Farm land, Contract farming, Kisan Credit card how to avail it at lower interest, is 4 percent interest a real one, what steps taken by Govt to free farmers from...
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    Wanted Agricultural implements

    Please inform which state you belong to. There are CHCs - Custom Hiring Centres, in Tamilnadu, Telangana, Karnataka and A.P, and i am sure we have in all states as this is being focused by Govt of India. You can go and nominate yourself. But in Kamareddy, we need a lot of support for Earth...
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    Wanted Fencing contract for 30 acres 5 piece land

    We have 30 acres land in Sadashivnagar - Kamareddy, on NH44 towards Nagpur. The land is in 5 pieces, and will need fencing either Stone or Concrete based. We plan to fence in October 2019 after this Kharif crop. Please inform if this can be done as a turnkey project by one party.
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    cost of installing Banana ripening chamber

    Hello, Pls inform the costs involved in installing a Banana ripening system, in Hyderabad, we have a 550 sq.yard open land, now we are having banana ripening in the traditional way, and we are facing tough competition from the ripening chambers.