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    Sir which location

    Sir which location
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    Wanted Young persons interested to manage mango farm

    sir where is the farm is family OK to look after...
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    Wanted Looking for farm caretaker jobs around Bangalore

    What type of farm do you have and where in Bangalore
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    Job Available Need a couple or Family to take care of a 2 acre farm with 5 desi cows in Ramanagara, Karnataka

    Namasthe sir we are family with two kids we are interested we both husband and wife can work for your farm we are from Coorg and staying in Bangalore... If interested I will provide my phone. No
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    Job Required Vacancy in farming

    Hello all my name is Ravikumar from Bangalore I am basically from Coorg I am looking out for job in farm house. I have experience in looking after coffee estate in Coorg so if there is any vacancies in Bangalore please do contact me. Thank you. :)