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    guntur red chillies

    Red chillies hi, I am Tirupathi Rao from Guntur. I can provide chillies what ever you want. please contact me if you need Thanks, Tiru.
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    Red Chillies

    Red Chillies From Guntur hi Parveen, I am Tiru from Guntur. I can supply what ever variety and quantity you want. I can directly buy from farmers in our village even my father also cultivating chillies. if you are interested you can reach me Thanks, Tiru.
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    Wanted Andhra 80/90 Best Rate from buyer

    Teja Chillies Hi Vasudevan, I think we had a discussion in phone early about this at that time I told I will supply them in end of Jan, now they are ready . we can supply fresh Teja chillies from Guntur by buying directly from the Farmers so you can get for reasonable price . if you want you...
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    Chillies for export

    we had red chillies hi, we had the red chillies but they are not packed as per ur requirement.. if you want pack like that we will do and give you. Thanks, Tiru.
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    Red chillies for sale

    you can get any varieties. I know some of those names.. 1.334 2.No-5 3.273 4.teja 5.Badigi 6.001 and plese let me your variety which one you want...?
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    Dairy Farm-Ghatkesar, Hyderabad (AP) need help

    what is the cost of one murrah buffellow? may i know the cost of each buffellow(Murrah) and how many Ltrs of milk we can get daily? because I am also planning for dairy farm.if you give the information it will be great helpful tu us.. Thanks, Tiru.
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    Red chillies for sale

    hi, I am from Guntur our place is famous for Red Chillies I can provide any quantity of the chillies with reasonable price directly from farmers. I am not any retailer or marketing person. my father is farmer every year he will produce 20-30 tonnes of Red Chillies thats what I am asking. not...