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    Integrated Farming model and costing

    Kirit Sir any reply to below? rgds mathew
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    Is it right move to invest more money and divert profession toRural (agriulture)

    As discussed several time, those people in deliame whether to return to rural/village and engage in passion of agriculture, just read attached speech by chairman of Hindustan Uni lever. Its mind opening, Corporates founds fortune in rural and it is sure that study reports shows by 2023-25 India...
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    Integrated Farming model and costing

    Dear Kirti Sir for an ideal farm let us a draw a model for 10 acere which should be able to a steady farm in 3 yrs time and same time must start to generate income from 3 months so a mix of short, long and mono crops may be designed Crops designs Coconut orchid with an integrated farming of...
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    Integrated Farming model and costing

    Dear Members, There are several aspirants, newbies who are either in process or in planning to venture in to agriculture farming. Same time we are fortunate that we have experts,. real farmers, and knowledgeable persons on board. Though each situation on farm to farm differ, can we make...
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    44 ACRES agriculturE land in rural state highway south tamilnadu

    inrested pls advise location, (village name) i called up no reply
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    300 Acres of Red Soil Land With Abundant Water in the Foot Hills is for sale - Tamil

    which village? price kept if you can sell 20acere then ps revert rajan mathew 09825611425
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    Land required in Tamilandu Puliyara, Shenkotai, Kadayanalloor, VadakAmbasamudram area

    Dear Kalai /Avind thanks, but Karoor and kovilpatti is far away from my intrested place. Dear Shajat due to non clearance of title, I could not buy the ladn as discussed. am intrested in Tenkasi area. calling back now rgds mathew
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    Crops in Medium and continues wind

    Dear Friends, I am in search of a land near to wetsern ghats area in south Tamilandu. as shared earlier most of the land has continues wind and hence presence of wind mills. Whether continues wind cause any damage or its better for crops like banana, cocount, mango, gooseberry ...etc. ...
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    EB connection

    still in search of land Sir, still in search for a suitable land in south TN area. several land seen one or another problem. most of the problem now in land or near land existance of wind mills. we do not know exactly how wind mill may adversly effect the cropping pattern as well as...
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    Need agriculture land in South Tamilnadu against exchange of prop i Ahmedabad Gujarat

    looking for aprx 20-30 acere plain land or farm land in South Tirulenveli dist either on payment or against exchange of house property in Ahmedabad, Gujarat pls response only genuine interested sellers rgds mathew
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    Windmill in or near to agriculture land. what are the side effects??

    Dear Sanket I thought farmers of this forum if any could share their experience in this matter. rgds mathew
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    Windmill in or near to agriculture land. what are the side effects??

    Sir, Several farmers are leasing out land for WINDMILLs. Could you please share what are the adverse effects of WINDMILLs on farms. Whether windmill cause water scarcity or reduce water level or any negative growth of agriculture activities in near by cultivations. Have observed that...
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    aprx profit from Banana cultivation

    Sir land location is Shenkotai, Tenkasi, Ambasamudram regions. Well noted, so for intergated farming can you pls help to design a 10 acere land with best intercrop as well as integrated frming hoping to develop a farm with steady revenue as well as a long a term asset rgds mathew
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    EB connection

    thank you very much. So I think once Koodankulam power project completely stated power problem in TN may reduce. Till then get two connections of 1 motor with single phase and another motor with three phase capacity. to make continues irrigation in the field. once I gets more information. will...
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    Farming in Tamilnadu- guidance needed

    Dear Friends, Location South Tamilandu, Dist Tirunelevli, Ambasamudram, Thenkasi, Kadayam, Kadayanallor, ...area close to Western ghats Understand rain fall in above area is just 850-900 mm per year. - what is the normal water table level - what type of irrigation available for such...
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    EB connection

    Thanks you very much archidambaram for such detailed guidelines. The land deals come accross are with free eb connection with high price and plain land w/o any bore or connection at cheaper price. I was calculating whether taking plain land apply for eb at my side workable or not, Hope we...
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    EB connection

    Dear Sir, Am also shortlisting land Nr Tenkasi where EB is not available. Can you pls advise about paid scheme. If we pay initial installtion cost of poles and wire,...etc where electricity is free for farming how much time taken for such process. Is there any condition for free...