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    Wanted solar powered solution for deep borewell

    Hi Ramesh, Pl send me your contact details to my mail id or call me on 9845572326. I want to run my existing 5 HP AC motor.
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    Looking for a machine which can dig holes for banana plantation!

    can you send me your quote (cost of use 2' auger) pl. If you are interested give it on rent also it is fine. I require a three feet auger also. Pl give details to or call on my mobile 09845572326. Thanks Sudhakar
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    Post Hole Digger ex-stock available in Hyderabad

    Hi Rajareddy, I need to make 7500 nos of Pits of size 36 inches diameter in a 20 Acre plantation of Mango and Teak. Pl give me the details to or call on my mobile 0984557226. Thanks Sudhakar
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    Wanted JCB Services at Dhanwada, Mahaboobnagar, AP

    I need services of JCB for the following work. Pl contact me for details. - making pits of size 1mX1mX1m - 300 such pits per Acre for 10 Acres (Totally 3000 Pits) - 450 such pits per Acre for 10 Acres (Totally 4500 Pits) Work to start with in one week. Thanks Sudhakar M...
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    Farm House Investment option near Hyderabad

    It is in Mehaboobnagar dist, Dhanwada Mandal, 0.5 kms from main highway to Karnataka, 5 borewells with electrical connections (5 hp pumps), Ground nuts and pulses being cultivated till now. I recently bought and developing the property. Thanks Sudhakar
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    Teak Spacing

    Contact me for details. Sudhakar
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    Wanted 5 Tons of Mangos( Rasalu) original Andhra Rasalu.

    Send your quantity, pick up place and price to
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    Investment opportunities in Agribusiness

    send the details to, I will be in touch with you
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    vermicompost for kg-3/Rs for quantity-5tones. earthworms per kg 150/Rs in Hyderabad,

    send me your contact details to, I need vermicompost 50 Tons
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    Farm House Investment option near Hyderabad

    Hi, If anybody interested to invest in Farm House 110 kms from Hyderabad, pl contact me. Features of this Farm House land - 30 Acres land - Solar Electric Fenced - 5 Borewells - Drip Irrigation from Jain Irrigation - Land divided in to 30 plots of one Acre each with Approach road...
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    Vermicompost at best price

    Pl send me the details to
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    Fencing for 30 Acres Land apprx 1.5 Kms Perimeter

    Thanks. I got it. How much it might cost for 1.4 Kms length fencing?
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    Agri submergible pump discharge

    Can anybody clarify how much will be discharge in Lts/hr if the pump HP is 5 and head requirement is 20 mts, and suction is from 40 mts. Pl reply to my mail id
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    Fencing for 30 Acres Land apprx 1.5 Kms Perimeter

    Thanks for the advise. What is Ibex?
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    Fencing for 30 Acres Land apprx 1.5 Kms Perimeter

    I want to do a fencing of my Farm Land approx 1.5 kms, Here are the details I can provide. Acres 30 Acres Perimeter 1500 Meters Location : Mehaboobnagar 110 kms from Hyderabad Purpose: to prevent Wild Boars, people entering the plantation. Height 6 feet Galvanized Barbed wire...
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    low cost roofing shed and fencing

    I am interested to do fencing for 30 Acre Land, 110 Kms from Hyderabad, What is the specification you are using, pl send me details to
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    Cow dung 100 tons for sale

    I need 70 Tons of Cow Dung/Vermi Compost in the month of June/July 12 at Dhanvad, Mehaboobnagar Dist (110 kms from Hyderabad). Let me know who can suppy this quantity. Send me the details to
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    Conversion of Non-Fertile lands to Fertile land

    Can you send me the details on, and how much it is going to cost per Acre.
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    Any Teak Buyers?

    Can you pl give me the exact location and your contact details, photos of plantation to my mail id pl
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    Looking for people to join me for joint purchase of big land

    If anybody interested to buy Agri Land, just 110 kms from Hyderabad Airport let me know. I have 10 Acres of land and I can take care of the Farm also. my mail id