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    we want turmeric in bulk quantity

    turmeric we are having turmeric please contact me. my name g.prakash mobile no
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    Organic Coconuts

    hi i am prakash from avinashi i am having 3 acres of turmeric under cultivation. please help me in developing a better yield. and it was affected with root fungus please suggest me some methods or inputs to recover.. regareds g.prakash Please contact..
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    10people frm every state

    hi please tell me the clear picture of your plan what exactly we are planning to do.. me from tamilnadu please send me your profile and objective of this plan.....
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    hi reg vermi hi i would like ot know abt the process of producing dung in to vermicompost and i would like to view ur farm with ur permissons. and i would like to know some of the agriculture practices from u.. regards, g.prakash Please contact........
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    Good News for Organic Farmers

    thank you for ur information, where are u from ? myself from tamilnadu, i would like to see your practices and yur farm. if possible... Regards, g.prakash please contact.........
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    cow farm

    reg cow farm hi this is prakash from coimbatore i would like to give some insights to start a cow farm please contact me through my mail id and my mobile no is regards g.prakash
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    Need assistant to select agriculture bussiness

    please tell me the state which belongs to and acres of land and how much capital you can invest and also the fertility of land type. regards g.prakash tamilnadu
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    Urgent- High Breed Cows Required

    hi this is prakash from coimbatore i can help u in all the way in getting good breeding cows which are likely a hig yield in milk please contact me 9865629590 mail id
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    best cows

    hi i am prakash from coimbatore i got some information about cows and varieties please contact....