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    Booking Rs. 2251/- and EMI 2000/- Plot just 95 KM from New Mumbai.

    Yes I am interested can you contact me on 9843683257
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    Cows for sale

    Dear Sir. Can you inform me the rate what you are expecting to my email Id peter
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    Agricultural land required

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for a agricultural land in Kuppam in Chitoor District of Andra Pradesh. Pls contact me on
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    Rabbit farming

    Dear Sir, I would like to start a small rabbit farm in my farm at Tirunelveli. what would be the cost of setup along with the rabbits. what is the food I have to cultivate in my farm for the rabbits. Expecting your reply on Your Truly Sebastian Peter
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    Rabbit farming

    Dear Somashekhar, Can you tell me where are you planning to start the Rabbit farming and what is the size of the farm?. I too am planning to start a Rabbit farm would be grate ful if you can share your veiws Regards Sebastian Peter
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    Rabbit farming

    Hi Ashwini, Thank you very much for your valuable information Ashwini. I would be grateful if you can provide me pictures of the cages which you said and can you provide anyone who is interested to start Rabbit Farming in Tirunelveli District in Tamil Nadu. Thanking you once again Regards...
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    For Sale Agri Loan Rs25,00,000/- subsidy 33% -Goat farm

    Hi Sir, I would like to know about the Goat farming and about how about getting loan to start Stall Fed Goat Farming in Tirunelveli District. My email Id is Please reply Regards Sebastian Peter
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    Rabbit Farming

    Hi Everyone, I would like to inquire if anyone is interested to start a Rabbit Farming on partnership basis in Tirunelveli District. contact me on Regards Peter
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    For Sale Agri Loan Rs25,00,000/- subsidy 33% -Goat farm

    Hi sir, I am working in UAE and planning to settle back in India. I would like to start a Goat farm in my place at Ukkirankottai village around 30 km from Tirunelveli city. I have around 6 acres land with a newly build shed for worker to stay and around 2 acres the plot is fenced. I have...
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    Land Available Land for Lease in Tamilnadu

    give me your tel no Alpen
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    Farm land 5 acre with openwell @Tirunelveli north,9842157331

    land for sale Hi sir, Can you sent me the details pic of the land and are legal papers available? I would be visiting the land within 2 months time. Can you prepare the ECR certificate? Regards Sebastian
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    Free goat farming project report

    Hi Sir, Can you please sent me the project report to my email ID Regards Sebastian Peter
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    wanted 2 to 5 acres land in Kuppam in Chittoor Dist of Andra pradesh

    Hi Everyone , I would like to purchase a agricultural land in Kuppam in Chitttoor District in Andra pradesh. Approach Road to the plot must. water should be available, Barren land is also ok. The rate should be cheap Regards Sebastian
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    Wind Mill

    Small Wind Mill Hi Mathew Bhai, what you said is right I meant a small wind mill locally made by fabricators,but do you think they can make it because I don't have much idea to explain them. Thank you once again Mathew Regards Sebastian Peter QUOTE=rmathews;300702]dear sebastian...
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    Wind Mill

    I would like to draw water from the well through Wind Mill. Can any one help me with the concerned manufacturers of wind mill. Regards Sebastian Peter
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    Sugar cane farming

    Hi Everyone, I am planning to do Sugarcane Farming in my 6 acres land in Ukkirankottai Village in Tirunelveli District. Any sugarcane farmers or Partners interested to do in sharing are welcome. Please contact Regards Sebastian Peter
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    Labour Wanted ( husband and wife)

    Hi Everyone, I would like to appoint a sincere labour (family) for long term for my farm land which is in Tirunelveli District in Ukkirankottai Village. Good salary or interested to work in commission basis will also be considered. Presently the land is barren and I wish it make a good farm...
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    How to protect Pomegranate Farms from diseases?

    pomegranate doubts Hi Ram Das Sir, Can you tell me how many pomegranate plants can be grown in 1 acre land and can we grow mango trees between them and from where can I get good Pomegrante Saplings in Tamil Nadu. As i am new Can you tell me how many labour are required for 6 acres of land if...
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    Aloe Vera and Medicinal Plant’s Cultivation Training Program at Pink City

    Training Details Hi Sir, Can you tell me the address and next training dates in the month of Nov or December 2012. Is the medium of training in English? and what is fees for the training? Regards Sebastian Peter
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    Agriculture land for sales/Lease

    For Lease Hi Mahesh, Can you tell me what is the charges per acre for lease and water and electricity is available? Pls reply soon Regards