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    banana fiber

    Dear all i am interested to extract a banana fiber with machine. we have plenty of banana tree.and also we can get from farmer. so please advise how much qty we can get from one tree. height is 5'. how is the marketing. i am trying to operate in west Bengal. please advise what is the...
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    apple ber plant

    please tell me the fruit name in begali language
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    potato fresh crop current year

    potato available fresh current year crop. 150 gram and above Rs 9.50/kg bulk qty available.please contact nizamuddin 7797709761 .kolkata evergreen vegetable traders.kolkata
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    pkm 1 muringa

    here west bengal we have cultivated 2 acre muringa . now its in flowering .but flower is not setting the fruit.but weather is very cold and snow.please advise.
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    Fresh cabbage for sale very cheap rate. Rs 4/kg contact - nizamuddin 7797709761 email.
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    fresh cabbage,radish white long,and cauliflower red radish small,nookal is available

    Dear all we have fresh vegetable for sale ,cabbage, radish,red radish small round,nookal ,cauliflower, green peas etc in bulk and very cheap rate, all fresh from garden not from the market. we are cultivating here west bengal south 24 pgs. please contact nizamuddin 0 7797709761...
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    red radish round (french break fast radish )

    red radish round small is available with us. please contact 0 7797709761 nizamuddin
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    fresh cabbage,radish white long,and cauliflower red radish small

    hai good morning to all i am nizamuddin from kolkata. fresh cabbage and radish cauliflower is available. green peas and beans available with us .please contact. fresh from garden.our won cultivation. and also we need drum stick ( muringa) please call nizamudddin Evergreen...
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    Vegestables Supply :regular Basis

    hai, nizamuddin from kolkata EVERGREEN VEGETABLE TRADERS. Pease quote your best rate including transportation to kolkata. ( south 24 pgs ) if you need any vegetable from kolkata , cabbage, radish,cauliflower etc we can supply. regards Nizamuddin 7797709761
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    agri product

    Dear please send your product details to we need veg in bulk qty for export and local market. Regards Evergreen vegetable traders kolkata.
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    Wanted Green Chillies G4 Of Amravati

    please send your full contact address and email, and mob nos to
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    Wanted holy basil ( tulsi -ocimum sanctum ) leaves

    dear samuvel please give me your contact num and where you want.
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    which kind of lemon plant you need,please contact 0 7797709761
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    Guar ( Guar gum ) Cultivation Consultancy

    guar cultivation dear sir nizamuddin from west bengal . we have intrest to cultivate guar ( cluster bean ) here now we started to make seedling its now 7 days old in protray.please advise.we can make huge qty. please send your contact no by mail. or give ring to my mob - 07797709761 i...
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    Urgent need BANANA Tree after cutting the BANANA Fruit

    please contact this no- 0 7797709761
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    Guar seed available

    need guar seeds dear sir this is nizamuddin from kolkata. please quote your best rate for guar seed and available qty we will comback to you soon.