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    Aloe vera juice, face gel and hair gel for bulk sale

    we want bulk buyers for aloe vera juice, hair gel, face gel...the quality is best as it is grown in desert areas. We are looking for exports and for local consumption. The variety Barbadensis Miller and Ferox varieties. you can visit site of green bamboo ventures --nine eight double three...
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    cherry tomato

    our company green bamboo ventures is into supplying of fresh produce as per the clients requirement.
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    Want to buy - Stevia leaves,Dry Safed musli

    provide stevia leaves green bamboo ventures please visit our us
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    Water Melon

    watermelon available-kiran Hi, we have 30-40 tonnes watermelon available with us. contact variety kiran
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    Export business

    want to export pumpkin Hi, we have 20 tonnes of pumpkin available...want to export. Ankita Asthana 9833111510
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    Export business

    Hi, We are looking for export orders of farm produce. Kindly contact us Regards Ankita Asthana
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    wanted buyer for organic grain & spices

    trade in organic produce Hi, Our company Green Bamboo Ventures buys organic produce, would like to know your product range and where are you located. Regards Ankita Asthana
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    For sale

    Hi have green chilles, ladyfinger, exotic vegetables for sale. For bulk order co ntact. Ankita
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    NRi looking for a Agriculture bussiness venture

    into agri-business mumbai Hi Hari, I am Ankita Asthana, started a agriculture business in mumbai...looking for partners who can invest. Ankita Asthana- 9833111510 :: Green Bamboo Ventures
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    wanted organic amla

    Hi, We are based out in mumbai..the name of my company is Green Bamboo Ventures Pvt Ltd. We buy in bulk both vegetables and fruits...Want to inquire what quality of amla you have and how much quantity you have. what would be the selling price. ankita asthana 9833111510
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    Dairy Farm for Sale

    hi manas we are also interested in establishing a dairy farm which is near you service here...we want to have complete project with costing and returns on investment. would like some more details about you... ankita asthana