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    Seeraga samba rice available for sale

    Cost of Seeraga samba rice Seeraga samba rice costs Rs.80 per kilo. It is supplied in 25 kilo bag. Regards. I need 25 kg sreega samba may I know cost Per kg.Contact me@9629813298
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    Want to set up and run 1 TPH Rice Mill near Hyderabad

    Rice Mill consultant You may contact Mr. Rajasekar - 098403 31430
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    Soar Borewell, Does it really work?

    Solar power can lift water from your bore well. No need to change your motor. But initial cost is too high; unless your state govt. gived subsidy. It will cost appox. one lakh rupee per HP.
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    agriculture land for sale in tindivanam

    How much area? How far from Tindivanam? Any EB connection? QUOTE=lve2jeevi;410766]I have agriculture land for sale in tindivanam Punjay land Patta land Clear documents Cost - 3 lac per acres
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    Mine tractor for sale

    What are the attachments? Where is it available? And price?
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    Dragon fruit plant

    What is the cost per plant in bag? How will you send to Tamil Nadu?
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    Grow “BLACK GOLD” in your farm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Black pepper plant What is the cost per plant? Where do you sell?
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    To start a Dairy farm near Pondicherry,Tamilnadu

    Hello!! Do u have land to construct shed for dairy animals and for fodder? How much money are you willing to invest?
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    Natural farming with zero budget yields rich soil fertility

    Mr. Siva Jyothi, Are you a farmer doing natural farming? Or are you a consultant?
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    Camel rearing

    Dear members, I would like to buy a baby camel. Is ther any governmrnt regulation about camel rearing. What would be the cost? And where can I buy? Suggestion & information are most welcome. AR. Chidambaram.
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    need advice for selecting good borewell submersile motor

    Good pumps are TEXMO and CRI. Contact the dealers in your district. They are very much aware of the richt pump suitable for your area.
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    Dragon Fruit Saplings

    What type of plant grows dragon fruit? What is its life? Will it grow in hot climate of Tamil Nadu? And what is the price of each plant?
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    Goats for Breeding available in Tamil Nadu - Telacherri, Kodi, Kanni

    Sirs, I wish to start a farm for meat purpose. I would like to visit your farm. Which days are convenient for you? Thanks & regards. AR. Chidambaram.
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    Patner required for buy land in Thanjavur

    What is the cost per acre? How far from Thanjavur?
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    Required Land in Thanjavur

    How far can you go from Thanjavur?
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    Market price of teak in bangalore

    Where are you located? Try saw mills around your place. In Tamil Nadu, Burma teak of the size you mentioned would cost Rs.4,500-5,000 per cubic feet. Regards.
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    Question Red Lady Papaya 786

    In Tamil Nadu, mealy bug is a big problem in papaya farms. It destroys the whole plant and it resists all known pesticides. Bug seems to be under control when pesticide is sprayd, but after 2-3 weeks, bugs multiply. Agriculture university has produced a bio control measure to control this bug...
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    Kavuni paddy (black rice) for sale

    About 500 KG of Kavuni paddy (black rice) is available for sale in Tamil Nady. Organically grown; no chemical fertiliser, no pesticde used. Can be used as seed aslo. Contact:
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    Seeraga Samba paddy for sale

    About 2000 Kg of seerga samba paddy is available for sale in Tamil Nadu. Organic paddy; no chemical fertilser, no pesticide used. Contact:
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    Dragon fruit rooted cuttings.

    Dear vazsunil, What is the cost of dragon plant? Will it grow in hot weather in Tamil Nadu?