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    Need your suggestions to start Diary farm in Gudiyatham,Vellore, Tamil Nadu.

    My dad is a farmer in Krishnagiri. Give him a shout. You may get few insights at free of cost. Udayakumar - 9965352599. We do have semi-modern micro scale dairy farm. Best wishes Dirty Hari
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    Wanted Banana Skirt - Covers to protect banana during cultivation

    Hi all, We are looking for eco-friendly options to cover Banana bunches during cultivation. This is basically to protect the fruit from harsh climate, pests and from foreign disturbances. Your innovative suggestions are most welcome. We are also looking to buy some Banana skirts...
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    Suitable mango variety for kerala climate

    Hello sir, you can call 09965352599 and ask my dad (Udayakumar). He is associated with mango related farming since last 35 years. Hope that will help you.
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    Need advice on manure/fertilizer mix for weak melia dubia trees

    Reg: enrichment of organic matter in the soil Hello sir, You need to add as much as natural substance as the plants need them in the long run. See how can u make your own vermi compost. I would recommend you make a mixture of decomposed leaves and other organic matter such as sugarcane...
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    perma culture

    Hello sir, I am interested. please mail me the details. Thanks
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    For Sale: PANCHAGAVYA - Organic Manure

    Dear organic farmers and friends, Or next Lot of fresh "Panchagavya" is due on 06-October-2012. Interested people can contact us through phone or write an email us "" or "" for More details of panchagavya - login .::HARI AGRO PRODUCTS...
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    Wanted TC banana G9

    Wanted Banana plants for leaves and fruits Dear sir, I am interested to buy high yielding banana plants for leaves and also for fruits. Required quantity is 5000 suckers. The fruit we are looking to cultivate is "Elachi" also called as Ney Poovam. kindly share the details of the...
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    native breed cow for sale

    Wanted nave breed of cows Dear sir, Kindly share the cost and your location details. I am interested to buy the cows. Thanks
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    Wanted PET Bottles in Tamil Nadu

    Dear members, We are looking to buy PET bottles to market our product. We need quotations for 2L, 1Lt and .5Lt capacities. The bottle shall be Brown or green in colour as our product doesn't need transparency. The bottle should be strong and withstand the pressure like sprite or coke...
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    Wanted Banana Ripening Chamber

    banana ripening unit regarding dear sir I would like to help you in setting up a banana ripening chamber. it is very simple. All you require is a full 6 cross 5 room and some ethylene. kindly call me or send an e-mail I would give you detailed description. thank you
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    Banana plants(TC)G9& Rad Ledy papaya plants for sale

    required more details on banana saplings Dear sir, I need banana saplings in other 3 months. I need 5000 plants for our farm. kindly send me the details in e-mail. Also kindly share your other product details. thank you
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    need farm consultance at Dharmapuri distc

    Dear sir, I can help you in starting organic farming. We do farm consulting for the past three years. we can convert the farm from in-organic to organic farming. kindly contact me at 09952028155. For an added advantage I am very close to Karimangalam. thank you. sincerely...
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    Land for sale on NH - near Krishnagiri

    Dear members and guests, We have a single piece of land (17 Acres) on NH7 (200 meters long in NH) for sale near Krishnagiri. This is a worthy opportunity for those who need a valuable return on investment. Interested people Please Contact me. Thanks
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    Wanted Mango (thothapuri) Buyers from Ahmedabad - Gujarath

    Dear members, We have good quality Thothapuri mango ready to harvest. We are looking for mango buyers in Gujarat. Mango fruits will be delivered on load basis. Interested people please contact me. Thanks
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    Wanted distributors for Panchagavya

    Dear members and guests, We are looking for dealers to sell Panchagvya across the country. Details of Panchagavya attached with this email. Interested people please contact us. Thanks
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    supply & install of bio-gas online purification

    dear sir i am a small scale organic farmer with twelve cows. i am from Krishnagiri district, Tamil Nadu i am interested to know more about your diary farm. please share your experience with me. That will help me to improve a lot. please call or send me your details -...
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    Looking for turkey milking machine

    i am interest in milking machine. please send your quotations to my mail id. thanks
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    PANCHAGAVYA for Sale!!

    Panchagavya Details Please contact me (09952028155). I will stick with one bulk buyer in Bombay and Pune and distribute them. Thanks Hari
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    Wanted Green house builders.

    Dear all, We need to set-up green house for cultivation of organic vegetables. Interested people contact me. Thanks
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    Wanted Mango fruit distributors

    Dear associates, We can supply good quality mango fruits for domestic and international marketing. We can supply all the mango varieties that are grown in South India. Currently we have Alphonso, Senthura, banganapalli and Raspuri. Interested Buyers / Distributors contact me...