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    Cow Dairy Project....

    Can someone help me set up a dairy of cow in the Akola city of Maharashtra???
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    Technology that convert organic waste into organic fertilizer within 24 hours

    please send me the details on
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    help and plants for stevia....

    I want to start stevia cultivation at AKOLA. (M.S.) need good quality of stevia plants for cultivation... What care should be taken and what are the safety measures... please do help me... Pankaj Bachhuka...
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    earn 1 lk /day by 50 lk , no gimmick , just learn free, in dairy

    Hi This is Pankaj Bachhuka from Akola near Nagpur.(M.S.) find your post interesting plz share your ideas with me.... contact
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    IITians turning farmers?

    was surfing through net and got to read this I want to know what is the effect of this in the long run? Is it right? please visit the following link: 2 IITians turn down lucrative job offers, tread new path in farming - The Times of India
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    Walking Tractor LGN-12K on sell

    want to have a look at the tractor can you post some pictures please.... Would like to buy one please quote the details
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    Need cotton seeds

    I may help you for this, I have ginning and pressing unit in Akola and Yavatmal Distt. kindly give your location so as to work on the prices... thankking you Pankaj
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    requirement for cotton seed

    hey there.... I am a ginning pressing owner and I can supply you with as many cotton seed as you want.... But the thing is the prices are highly fluctuating due to the fluctuating cotton prices. the current price for this is Rs. 1600 per qtl.
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    Own farm input

    hi mail me your contact details
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    Agriculture Books for Sale:

    Send me the book.... Please arrange to send me the book for gulab(rose). give the payment details as well Pankaj Bachhuka please contact..
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    Dairy -product manufacturing technology offer,NRDC ,Delhi

    I am interested .... Please mail me details...
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    natural ,zero cost fencing ???? how is this ??

    other option.... one other option for this is the tree of sagar goti(might be a maharashtrian name as I am from maharashtra).... I dont know the botanical name for this, this tree has a lot of thorns on it and this is a medicinal plant too. the fruit of the same can be used for curing flu and...
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    Iam interested in green house profitability....

    Hi- I am looking to start / setup an organic farming. I have no expertise in the field and am looking for someone with the expertise and the know how to setup a venture and take it to profitability. It can be on a small scale to start with I am planning to make green house in about 1...
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    stainless steel distillation unit for sale

    hello sir, I have a oil refinery, and the items stated by you are useful to me, plz send your contact details through private message. also the location where all this is located..... this can be useful for both of us.... awaiting reply Pankaj
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    Floriculture Profitable Business Opportunity

    m interested plz contact me on mail ID
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    serious about green house farming....

    hello sir, I want complete information about the green house farming.... what type of crops can be taken from this farming? what is the total cost to set up this green house? I want to set this up for commercial use, so if anyone can provide me with complete project report or provide me...
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    Funds and Maintenance Service for 1-20 MW Projects Available for Land Owners

    i am interested we are a group of companies in AKOLA named Dayal Energy & Proteins Ltd. I am interested in the sola project send me the details ASAP.....
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    wanted to know non conventioanal energy sources...

    hello, I want to know about non conventional sources of energy.... Much interested in bio gas and gobar gas..... how can these be created and what cos tdoes this involve....
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    Biogas Products

    am interested please contact......
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    Palm leaf plates (Areca leaf plates)

    interested... I would like to sample of the same, if you can, you can also post photos or them to me