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    cold storage

    dear divakarank, send me yr sugetion for [I can suggest you an integrated Power plant which will give you the power (which is very highly consumed) almost free. Please contact..].
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    running wind mill for sale

    HI Gopal, I am intersted in this business.can u give me full details about this project and why the present business people is willing to sell off? wht is the total project cost? Please contact...
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    Cheap feed for cow farms and Goat farms

    I am interested send me details Please contact...
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    Breeding Goats For Sale

    Give your farms address and contact no. Please contact.... shaileshmathur
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    Money Minting projects

    Money Minting projects -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We provide an excellent offers who are intrested in agriculture. We have entire projects for - mushroom cultivation - Tree farming - goat farming. Projects includes - detail procedures how...