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    Question Is solar freezer available?

    Dear friends does anyone of you have solar freezers or has contact no. of someone who manufactures it.
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    Available Highly nutritious Corn Silage with high protein content available

    From Kochi, Kerala. Please let us know the minimum order quantity and the price. The product left also. Please share your contact no.
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    Question Black turmeric / curcuma caesia/ kali haldi

    I am from Kerala and is interested to farm black turmeric, black ginger and kasthuri manjal (Jangali haldi). Do you know anyone who supply good seeds.
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    Required Black turmeric, black ginger & kasthuri manjal (Jangali haldi)

    I am interested in farming black turmeric, black ginger & kasthuri manjal. Want to get seeds for planting and also some advice from currently growing farmers. I am based in Kerala.
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    Wanted Black turmeric & ginger

    I am from Kerala and is interested to cultivate black turmeric and ginger. Want to get good quality rhizomes.