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    Public Ignorance of Scientific Facts

    Just do a "MSDS endosulfan" google search, MSDS is Material Safety Data Sheet, and you will understand the risks in handling and using the material. If you are still not convinced, please go and personally help farmers spray the pesticide, so that you can become the "guru of endosulfan...
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    Public Ignorance of Scientific Facts

    Thank you, is endosulfan a health drink? What is the recommended dose, and what dose are you currently taking?
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    Advertising BIO FUEL - World Top & Highly Profitable Business

    magic formula I've consulted with biologists, mathematicians, magicians, and comedians and found this wonderful formula to get good yields from jatropha. One jatropha berry takes up about 1 sqcm, and yields 1 gm of biodiesel. There are about 40 million sqcm an acre, so we can get an yield of...
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    I'm not sure if you are representing some special interest groups, some fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide, or GM seed company, but your statement about Palekarji is a lie. I don't take whatever Palekarji states at face value, but if you are a smart farmer, you'll realize that his methods are...
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    Now confused about organic and non organic farming.

    Easier way to confuse yourself Looks like the original poster took 3 different links talking about the same study, to try and confuse himself. By googling about the same "Which?" study, he can get hundreds more links, and confuse himself thoroughly ;)
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    A Different Take on Organic Agriculture

    Most of Vandana Shiva's approach is mis-interpreted by this article. Conventional agricultural scientists have an incomplete understanding of soil, ecology, the interaction between plants, microbes, insects and animals. They design studies which validate their limited understanding. The example...
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    jatropha biofuel in tamilnadu

    agree, not much info on commercial viability. you might want to try a mix of oil crops like castor, pungam, jatropha, etc to minimize losses. do not go by ready-made project reports, even if they are provided by "scientists" from agricultural universities. Although it may be easier to get loans...
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    Mango trees

    You should try Nafees Nursery spray, it does seem like a powerful pesticide, only thing is it does look a bit un-natural ;)
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    Which crops/projects possible in Infertile Land

    There are natural ways to remove excess salinity, and regain soil fertility lost through intensive chemical farming. Check out some of Geoff Lawton's videos on youtube, on rain water harvesting, mulching and greening the desert. You probably have to wait for a year or two to fix the salinity...
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    Buying land in kerala

    If you are interested in natural farming and permaculture, then you can buy "wasteland" in Erode, put in water harvesting structures, and get a good yield. You will have to wait for 3 to 5 years for decent yields, but after that, you can take it easy. I think the future will be with traditional...
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    list of farming entrepreneur of india

    Kailash Murthy Subhash Palekar Bhaskar Save are some of the entrepreneurs from the natural farming world, who have been quite successful.
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    10people frm every state

    Will someone reveal what this is all about? There seems to be a lot of interest, but few details. I would be skeptical of putting in my time, effort and money into something like this.
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    Banana fiber Extracting Machine

    I would like more details about this machine, but the photos link is missing. 1. How many banana plants would you require to get 15-20 kg of fiber? 2. What kind of pre-processing has to be done on the banana stems before we put the stem in the machine and extract the fiber? Can just one...
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    contract farming in india

    some negatives Some negatives of contract farming: 1. You lose control over your land and what is cultivated, and it is quite possible that the contracting company goes for short term profits, degrading the land. 2. Profits will be shared on the terms of the company which may not be favorable...
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    Open Discussion - What do you feel about investing in Agriculture ?

    There are certain practices that minimize labor, costs, and risks in farming, so you can bring prosperity to yourself and your local community with less than a lakh rupees. 1. Water harvesting will save you from building drip irrigation, and make water available during the dry season. You...
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    Zero Budget Dairy Farming

    It is "zeroes" budget, because there are lots of zeroes involved :confused: The poster could have given a more appropriate title for a venture that requires a 25 lakh investment! regards, hmpo
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    Highly profitable Business opportunity

    Can you atleast post an approximate price for this product for an acre of banana? And may be include a few details about how your product works, and the science behind it. Thanks.
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    Software Professionals Turned Farmers

    try natural farming If you are trying agriculture to get away from the stress of IT, don't manage it like IT. Try natural farming, or permaculture where you use the everything that god provided to your advantage. If you look at the forests, some of the seeds that landed on rocks managed to send...
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    Cheap price Land for sale

    why is 1 lac an acre cheap Why do you regard 1 lac to 6 lacs an acre cheap? What grows on the land, and what is the revenue per acre per year?
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    Moringa PKM 1 from Tamil Nadu Agri Univ

    Thank you Mr Surya for the information, nice to know that you have studied this variety. What is the best month to plant this variety in Tirunelveli near Alangulam (red soil, hot weather, decent rains), and after how many weeks should the plant tip be pinched? How much yield variation will...