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    Aquaculture consultant

    I am doctorate in aquaculture and worked as consultant. If someone need help, call me
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    Get a Loan for agriculture famrming

    info Send me more info on my private message.
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    aloe vera project

    Hi I can help you in development of your land. I suggest you for stevia cultivation.
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    Investment opportunities in Gujarat

    hi hi I am looking forward.
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    Investors needed for Agriculture projects

    hi Your proposal is very interesting.
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    eucalyptus project

    energy plantations Which plants are energy plantations?
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    Wanted Farmers to Cultivate Stevia leaves for US

    interested I can help you in this regards.
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    Need help to setup vermicomposting site.

    location Send your location.
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    need some Project idea

    location give your location.
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    100 acres land for sale near jambusar.

    land I want minimum 250 acres Government owned land on lease for agriculture purpose. Can u help me?
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    Land Required Want 50-300 Acre Agri land in Gujarat

    Vermicompost Contact me for best quality vermicompost.
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    Vermicompost for sale

    call contact me through private message.
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    Vermicompost for sale

    thanx Thank you all for response.
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    Vermicompost for sale

    Vermicompst for sale at reasonable price.
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    Intrested in growing medicinal plants

    Hi Call me. you have my number.
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    Agriculture Finance

    If someone want to invest in agriculture sector to get high return, contact me.
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    High Return Medicinal Crop

    info kindly send me complete info on my id . I can invest more than rs.10,00,000.