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    Wanted Organic sugarcane in Mumbai

    How much minimum quantity can you provide? From where is this sugarcane?
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    Wanted Organic sugarcane in Mumbai

    Require certified organic sugarcane in Mumbai on a weekly basis.
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    Hi, Please respond on the following: 1. Where is the location for supply? 2. Do u need polyhouse or open field roses? Regards
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    Rose for Essential oils and attars

    Hi, I am cultivating damask roses and golden champa near Mumbai. I wish to supply them to companies engaged in production of essential oils and attars. I am fine to supply air dried petals as well provided. Requesting interested parties to kindly get in touch with me at 9821794091/8108706543...
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    Farm Supervisor Required

    Farm Supervisor required at a floriculture farm in Thane District. GIven below are details of requirements 1. Salary : R 7,000 + Diwali Bonus 2. Accomodation shall be provided 3. Should be 12th pass Interested candidates kindly contact on or 9821794091
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    flower cultivation

    Hi Vaibhav, I totally agree with suggestions given above..One small reccomendation would be also to personally visit the nearby flower market and speak to the wholesalers/ retailers and find out the folllowing: 1. Which flowers have maximum demand and seasonalities, if any. 2. What is...
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    Cowdung Manure Required

    Dear All, I require 10 trolleys of cowdung manure at my farm near Wada, Maharashtra. Interested suppliers kindly contact me on 9821794091. Regards Shivalaya Farms
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    Farm Supervisor required for Floriculture farm in Maharashtra

    Dear All, I have a 11 acre farm near Wada, Maharashtra of which 5.5 acre is used for growing flowers. We grow gerbera and openfield roses and sonchafa. We require a care take for the farm who is having basic experience/knowledge in floriculture. We shall provide accomodation/water and...
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    Supervisor and staff required near mumbai

    Kindly send ur resume alongwith salary expectations at
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    Supervisor and staff required near mumbai

    Dear All, We have a 5 acre farm near Wada on the outskirts of Mumbai (Wada) where we cultivate gerberas in a polyhouse and open field flowers - roses and sonchafa. We have the following staffr requirements on a priority basis: 1. Supervisor to take care of the farm 2. Labor family (2 people...
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    Marketing of Agriculture produce

    Floricultue Dear Moderator, We have a farm on the outskirts of Mumbai where we grow gerbera under 2 polyhouses and open field roses and sonchafa. At present we are marketing them to the local Dadar flower market. Involvement of middle men and current drop in prices has become very cumbersome...
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    Family available to take care of farm

    State: Maharashtra Farm Address :Near Wada, Mumbai Farm type :Polyhouse and Open field cultivation Farm Area: 5 Acre Type of work : Plucking and packing flowers and general maintenance Skills required : General Training provided : Yes Salary: For family of 2 Negotiable House: Yes...
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    Fresh Gerbera, Roses (Fragrant) and Golden Champa (Sonchafa)

    Fresh Gerbera, Roses (Fragrant) and Golden Champa (Sonchafa) near Mumbai Dear all, We are into bulk cultivation of the following flowers: 1. Gerbera: White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink and Magenta. Used for decorative purposes - marriage, parties etc 2. Roses (Desi/Damask): Used for gulkand...
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    Rose cultivation - Looking to diversify into dried flowers, pot pourri, rose oil etc

    Thanks so much for the response I have tried to contact HTC in the past for trainings. However there is no response from their side.
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    Rose cultivation - Looking to diversify into dried flowers, pot pourri, rose oil etc

    Dear all, I am into cultivation of damask roses and golden champa on a large scale. I believe that dried and fresh damask rose petals are key indgredients for herbal products such as gulkand, rose oil, rose water, pot pourri etc.I also understand that dried rose petals are export potensive. I...
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    Herbal Plants

    Herbal plants in Mumbai Hi, Can anyone tell me where can i get rosemary, thyme and dry lavender in mumbai? Regards
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    Roses for Gulkand, rose oil, pot pourri, dried rose petals

    Farm Fresh Damasc roses available for gulkand, rose oil, rose water, dried rose petals etc Also fresh Golden Champa flowers available If interested kindly contact me
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    iNcrease yOur profiT from agricultuRe

    hi, Can this be used on open field flowers like rose or golden champa?
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    Flower plants yield

    Hi, It depends on what type of flowers you want to grow..DO u have any specific flower in mind?