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    Guar ( Guar gum ) Cultivation Consultancy

    Guar is emerged as a profitable crop in the current scenario. The guar is processed into the guar gum. The guar gum is used in the fraking (fracturing ) process in oil and natural gas industry. India is the largest producer of Guar and Guar Gum in the world. USA is largest importer of the guar...
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    20 tons of Aloe Vera for Sale

    selling the green leaves can be bit problematic since the self life of the leaves is very short. you can process the leaves into the aloevera gel . the transportation cost will be also very less. it will easy to handle, there is self life around 1 year with preservative. it will be easy for you...
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    Bee Farming- First time

    Three species of honey bees exist in India viz. Apis Dorsta, Apis Flora and Apis Indica. These species are reared for honey-combs. Pure or natural honey is extracted from bees. This honey is in great demand round the year especially for Ayurvedic medicinal purposes. Many health conscious people...
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    Bee Farming- First time

    Thank you for your query I will revert your all the queries related to the beekeeping. INTRODUCTION :- Honey is a consumable product and it is also used extensively in making Ayurvedic medicines. Natural honey is always in demand round the year. Natural honey is obtained from honey bees and...
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    planning to start dairy farm

    Dairy Business:- Dairy is a good venture, as the demand of milk is increasing day by day. One must start the dairy with a clear market study. Everything matter in dairy, even the living environment of the cattle will affect the production. The dairy department comes under the Animal husbandry...
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    Dairy Business :- How to start first time

    Dairy Business:- Dairy is a good venture, as the demand of milk is increasing day by day. One must start the dairy with a clear market study. Everything matter in dairy, even the living environment of the cattle will affect the production. The dairy department comes under the Animal...
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    Mushroom Cultivation Training.

    Dear IPSG. You can contact to the Solan Institute. That is very good institute. You can visit there. You can do the mushroom cultivation in Jabalpur easily in cold weather.
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    Mushrooms cultivation

    Dear Himash, You can contact to National Research Center on Mushroom At Chambaghat (Shimla)
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    Bangalore: 1 day: Goat farm training on 10-02-13

    This is good training program . More an more participant should take part. Goat is very good animal for the domestic milk requirement for poor. It can easily survive in adverse condition. Goat is known as mobile refrigerator. The animal also breed twice a year. That is also beneficial for the...
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    Mushroom Cultivation Training.

    NRC-Chambaghat is the leading mushroom institute in the world. if you have any query related to the mushroom cultivation you can discuss here. I will revert your queries... Forum Expert and Moderator
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    Mushroom Cultivation Training.

    Generally a lot of reader have question of mushroom cultivation training. Mushroom is very good crop which gives very good return in the low space and low investment. it doesn't require the open land as cultivation. you can get all the necessary information from this institute. Directorate of...
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    idea to start agri business

    First of all should study the climatic condition of your proposed location. In the very first stage you should grow the native crop of your region. This practice will help you to develop your farm. Then after you can divide your farm in three part. Long term plantation crop like fruit , spices...
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    Problems faced by Farmers in India

    I would like to say the thanks to the editorial team for raising the very basis issue of Indian Agriculture. We talk a lot about the high tech issue, but we never discuss for the Basic problem of Farmers, hope that some valuable out put will come out an that will be beneficial for the farmers...
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    Learn Electric Fencing-FREE Training by A-1Fence

    Dear Sir, Please highlight the uses and importance of the electric fencing in agriculture Please aslo mention the merit and demerit. Forum Expert and Moderator
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    Aloe vera farming

    Aloevera is a good crop but it must be cultivated with good home work. Keep it in the mind that aloevera is good crop for the area where the opportunity of the land is minimum. The crop should be grown by the good planting materiel. The major aspect is the assured marketing point or the buyer...
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    Cultivating Nimbus (Lime)

    Dear Ashvind, I would like to suggest you first you should contact to the horticulture department of your district and the local horticulture supervisor. he will tell you the scheme and subsidy of the lemon cultivation. this information will help full to get the financial assistance from govt...
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    Stevia training program at JAIPUR-Pinkcity

    You regularly organize the training that is good. Please give some details of your earlier training and share your success story. Please also give some details about the trainers, this will build up the confidence of people who want to be trained. Moderator...
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    First time farming

    Being A moderator I welcome all of you on this forum. You can ask you query related to the first time farming. farming is very good venture but for a complete success one must do it carefully. Your all the queries related to the first time farming like. Selection of land, selection of...
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    export of agri products

    Dear PSVASA, Please let me know what do you want to export. Name of your commodity so that i can give you best and some specific answer. This very easy to export if you can handle your customer in satisfied way. Moderator..