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    Wanted Matured coconuts regularly

    we are ready to supply from pollachi as per market rate. But payment will be spot initially . If u r interested please contact me 09745686900
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    farm manager required

    Oh .sure..can u tell me more details
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    Wanted land for Organic Farming

    contact me for land in Madurai @ 1.5 lac.. 09745686900
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    Wanted 10-25 Acres of Land in Schencotai/ Tirunelveli

    you can get the land in Madurai @ 1.5 lac per acre. if you are interested contact me 09745686900
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    Wanted agri land in Anaikatti, Tamil Nadu near Tamil Nadu-Kerala Border

    Contact me for land in Anaikkatty at cheap rates. 9745686900
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    Land Required Budget - 10 Lakhs

    land @ 5 lac If you are willing to buy in kerala, Palakkad, attappady. Hilly area, cool climate. we have 2.25 acre for sale @ rate of .Total 11 lac. if you willing contact me 09745686900
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    contact rate land for farm in kerala from 3 lakh per acer

    1.. 45 acre land at 3 lakh per acre 2..12 acee 4.5 lakh 3..7 acre @ 4.5 lakh 4...4 acre @ 3.5 lakh 5... 6 acre @ 7 lakh contact for
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    Rubber estate at 16 lakh per acre..09745686900

    Lands for sale 1. 13 acre land in palakkad, mannarkkad with plenty of natural water. 500 + 700+ 200 Rubber, 1000 supari tree, 500 cocounut tree etc. at the rate of 16 lakh per acre. 2.. 17 acre rubber estate at 18 lakh per acre 3. 25 acre rubber estate @ 28 lakh per acre. AND Cheap...
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    Land Wanted for Forestry

    45 acre land we have 45 acre land @ 3 lakh per acre in kerala, palakkad , attappady. if you r willing contact me 09745686900
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    Looking for Agricultural Land in kerala

    land sorry, we are only selling . not for leaae.
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    Land Wanted on KA/AP KA/TN Border

    45 acer land if you are willing in kerala tamilnadu border. 45 km from coimbator, we have a 45 acer land at 3.5 lakh per acer. if you willing contact me at manojrnair36 at gmail com
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    Buying land in kerala

    Land Dear Rajesh, Here so many people advising with out correct knowledge. All people only heard from mouth to mouth. They dont know the real situvation. I am born and bought up in palakkad, attappady. Here still there are so many land properties,availabls at the rates of 4 lakhs to 7...
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    30 to 50 acer land available in kerala, palakkad @ 3 lakh per acrer

    We have 45 acer land for sale at 3 lakh per acer. Water, road ok. Any buyers contact me.manojrnair36 at gmail com
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    Looking for Agricultural Land in kerala

    5 to 50 acer land in palakkad Hai friend, We have 5 acer, 12 acer, 23 acer, 50 acer lands available in palakkad attappady. Good water source. Good land for agri. Rates 5 to 7 lakhs per acer. If u willing send me your mobile private message..manoj
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    10 acre agricultural land (suitable for Date Palm) required in Tamilnadu

    Land 10 to 20 acer We have land in kerala tamilnadu border for your purposee. The rates are 5 to 7 laks per acer
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    Black pepper powder packed for marketing

    we have a small scale unit of pepper powder packing. Its collecting directly from farmers.. So we can supply in a reasonable and less rate. How can I market it. Any help..
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    Black pepper for sale. Contact me

    We have Balck pepper in Regular basis. Any buyers, contact me.
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    cheap rate land for farm in kerala

    Contact me through pm or send me your contact details.
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    looking for small Farm land for dairy

    If yoIu r willing to buy coimbatore, anakkatty at 4 lakh per acer for buying,