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    Plant white sandal in 5acres & earn 105cr in 15 years

    Dear Vamsee88 What is logic to earn 105 crores after 15 year by planting white sandalwood? Can you explain for information of all concerned. Regards Saima
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    Water Diviner

    Water Deviner Dear San127, Ofcourse water deviner helps and they are successful in most of the case. As you have not got success twice, it is suggested that you go for geo test who will carry out test in the land and confirm availability of underground water. Best of Luck KPM
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    I'm from IT industry. But want to do farming. Your suggestions??

    Farming suggestions Dear Goppi, I am just trying to control my angst after reading your post. Dear you are from farming community who have grown up to a technical qualification and still you need suggestions for farming. Neither you have outlined which sort of farming you want to do and need...
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    Milking Machine(Hand Operated) for Sale in A.P

    Hand Operated Milking Machine. Dear Sir, Glad to note that hand operated milking machine is available with you. Please let me know on how to contact you if somebody is interested to procure it. Also, I shall be grateful if you give complete details like cost, transporting...
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    Need 7/12 Form for land in hosur - help required

    7/12 of land Dear Trans29, I am surprised to note that you are not conversant of the revenue rules of the country. Even I may not from case to case basis. What I could understand from your message is that you are having a Pata in tamil for the land you own in Tamil nadu. This means the...
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    Milking machine

    Milk Machine Manual operated milk machine is available with person at Coimbtore. and get the detals. Regards
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    Need to utilize my roof

    Using of roof for farming Dear Sir, I do hope roof is done with water proofing and if not get it so that water doese not seep in. Instead of Mashroom, suggest stack some soil with manure in wooden carton/boxes and take products like spinnach, tomato, or any vegetables used daily in the house...
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    Water Bank - Steel water tank

    Dear Sir, Please send details of the product for perusal please. Saima
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    Loosing my confidence to start Dairy farming

    Dear Manas, Hats off to your enthusiasm. If you have all the factors required for a dairy farm, who can compete with you. I suggest go for mechanised system. If Milk Federation is far and since you are starting with 20 Cows, the yield of which shall be consumed in the surrounding market only...
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    Best agro investment

    one time investment life long tax free income Dear Boss, What is this? If you are seeking public participation, why your address or contact details are not mentioned. Please give full particulars instead of incomplete details such as this so that things work out well for both...
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    Do farming with assured returns - buy back agreement provided

    Medicinal plants Dear Devesh, Can you send the details . Yes I am interested and I have five acres irrigated land. Please confirm. Thanks and Regards Kamal
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    Solar water pumps, street lights, fencing, etc.,

    Dear Sir, I appreciate the information given by you. It would be better if you could give complete address of your firm and contact Nos so that people who need to enquire can contact you after reading the information. I am interested in Solar water pumps for my five acre agri land in...
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    murrah buffalo wanted in ap

    Dear Lucky Why dont you contact Modern Dairy Farm Kanpur where you can have good quality buffalows and bargaining also. Modern Dairy Farm Kanpur Wish you all the success Regards KPM
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    Dairy with Desi cows

    Dear Sharad Kumar, You have a good intention but wrong calculations. Local cows or buffalows shall at the most even after good maintenance in terms of feed shall not give more than two to three litres of milk one time though there may be some exception. If the yield you mentioned is to be met...
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    automatic manure scrapper, quatum of water required for fodder maize irrigation

    Automatic Manure scrapper Dear Sajeevvet, Please contact Alfa Laval ( See their site on net). They are providing many dairy equipments and they might be able to solve your problem. Though I have not heard about this equipment till now. Regards
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    Selling Dairy products

    Milk Market: Selling Milk Dear Niksnarayana, Greetings of the day. You are correct that many professionals have ventured into this business but the result is zero as some are just opening dairy to claim insurance and concessions from Govt without surveying market. I have also entered into...
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    Technology that convert all organic waste into pure organic fertilizer within 24 hour

    Technology that convert all organic waste into pure organic fertilizer within 24 hour Dear Ricky, Can you send details ] as I am interested on this topic. Thanks and Regards KPM
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    Owning Adivasi Land

    Dear Abhishek, As per Revenue Rules, Adivasi land can NOT be BOUGHT. If it is taken on lease, it is a compromise between the two (Adivasi and Land tiller). Please study Revenue Rules as well as see classificatin of land owned by the Adivasi because most of the time it is seen that Govt has...
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    Subhas Palekar System of Farming

    Suhas Palekar system of farming Dear All, What is this system of farming? Can anybody throw light please. Thanks and Regards KP Maske
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    high yield wheat variety,2.5 times more

    High yield wheat Dear sadatmasood I would like to have atleast five kg of wheat as seeds to sown in my field. How to contact you? Can you please call or sms ur no on my mob so that we can talk. Regards Kamal Prasad