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    500 acres land for sale

    What is the cost per acre ?
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    Farm Houses for Sale !

    Pls log into Senthil Kumar Sivasamy Presentations for more details.
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    Land available near Kollegala

    Other details ! Hello Mr.Ibrahim, what other facilities in the land like well, electricity connection, fencing, building, type of soil, water source, type of holding encumbrance...
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    Dairy Farming-Do's & Dont's.

    Dear Senior members, Kindly post the Do's & Dont's in dairy farming.
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    Local Resident Representative

    Resident representative ! Sir, I'm intetested in resident representative for TN. I'm not a engineering graduate. But got a strong science back ground. Very much interested in...
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    Contract Farming - south India

    Pls ct Pls send in what will be your terms for the contract farming. rgds Senthil Kumar
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    goat farming

    pls ct kindly ct us through email . setting up an integrated farm.
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    Biogas power gensets with grid connection

    Dear Dr.Vallk, we are starting a dairy farm with around 25 cattle. kindly suggest what capacity generator is needed for my farm.please contact......... rgds...
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    honey for sale

    Please let me know the price and where you have the stocks etc.
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    Land needed for JV near pollachi

    we can arrange sir, we can arrange land for the same. pls ct with more details rgdg the terms and revenue sharing. Please contact..........
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    We need Pollachi Coconut

    we can supply you the same. please let us know the modus operandi.
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    Wanted Wind mill

    we can arrange it in udmalpet area . will u be inerested ?
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    Wanted Coffee / Cardamom Estate in Valparai

    valparai we can arrange for coffee plantations in valparai and cardamom in cumbum, kumili area.
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    Biogas Products

    pls give rates Please give us more information & price for the same.
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    Gloriosa Superba Seeds for SALE !

    Gloriosa superba seeds for sale in bulk ! please contact for more details,please contact........
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    33 acres farm land, 27 km's from Coimbatore for sale.

    Rich soil, with bore wells and free electricity for sale. 11 lakhs per acre. ct for details.
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    Gloriosa Superba seeds !

    we are buying gloriosa superba seeds in small & bulk quantities. suppliers please quote your price and mode of shipment at the earliest.