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    sale for stevioside (white powder)

    could you pl give information about sample size and their cost send details via
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    We can supply you Black Turmeric (Curcuma caesia)

    what is the cost of the per kg seed rhizome with planting details send via with photograph of planting materials and introducing my self i am ashokkumar from Thiruvannamalai of Tamilnadu
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    Required Wanted Farmers for medicinal plants cultivation under buyback

    i am a sugarcane grower in tamilnadu place of Thiruvannamalai and i am interested for contract medicinal plant growing send your contract procedure with details via call me at 9943837075
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    We can supply black turmeric ( Curcuma caesia).

    sir what is the price of 1kg of black turmeric and package of practices through mail
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    Drip irrigation system for Maize cultivation

    hello sir Drip irrigation is more suitable for Maize crop in dry lands through the system we can maintain optimum moisture level in the root zone for further details pl give your location
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    Mushroom Buyback

    I am interested and please send your contact details &address in the email
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    Export oppurtunity details required

    Dear all I am new to the export field and i am interested to export Groundnut,chillies,coir fibre to south asian and arab countries .If anybody know about the market demand and potenciality of the above specified products please guide and helpme Thanking you
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    Irrigation Products

    hai my name name is ashokkumar . i am doing drip and micro irrigation business tell me about product details range and price in the following emails thank you
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    Natural Honey

    i would like to know about your contact address and rate for 1kg
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    Coconut fibre

    Thank you for your response MY Address well wish exports Tamilnadu
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    Wanted drip irrigation for my farm

    Dear sir You can go for Nagarjuna fertilizers and chemicals ltd drip irrigation system because he can give additional fertigation schedule for your firm please search- Thanking you c.ashokkumar
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    Export marketing opportunity details -required

    Thank you very much for your reply ,please send your phone nos and email contact details to me My address Wellwish Exports NO-80B Ramamurthy Nagar Avalurpet Road Thiruvannamalai-6060601 Thanking you C.Ashokkumar
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    Coconut fibre

    Dear sir/Madam I am doing export business .one of my importer demanded quality coconut fiber .so if anybody having fiber unit with quality please contact to me Wellwish exports
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    Please Help Me

    2 inch of water dear sir As per your water availability you may get 7200-9000 liter per hour based on your bore well water source and decide how many hrs you will get water continuously per day like that you will calculate water availability and select the crop based on soil and...
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    Export marketing opportunity details -required

    Dear sir/Madam I am recently started my export business and to know more about the export marketing opportunity for Indian Dry chillies,Groundnut,Vegetable& coir fiber.please guide and help me if know the details Thanking you C.Ashokkumar Wellwish Exports