Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

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    Wanted we required freelancers in over india like state co-ordinators, district coordinators

    dear iam an MBA guy and working in agribusiness sector since 2005.running a small farmers group in a town.9415231926
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    sale;various types of seeds

    how much quantity of flax seed you need?
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    Wanted To BUY All Products for Export URGENTLY

    hello we are farmers group from(U.P.)and can supply you wheat,basmati paddy,oat,flax,all pulses,sesame,mustard present we can supply you oat and basmati paddy. 9415231926
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    sale;basmati paddy pusa1121 ,1509 and sugandha seed,tila seed

    hello we are manufacturer of bulk quantity basmati paddy , white tila (sesame)etc.both agro produces are ready for sale.interested person can contact us; 9415231926
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    sale;bhindi seed(lady finger)

    hi iam a farmer and want to sell bulk quantity bhindi(lady finger) seed.if anyone interested pls do call. 9415231926
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    sale;various types of seeds

    hello we want to sale ; flax/linseed oat seed moong seed til seed basmati paddy 9415231926
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    FPO's for cultivation of chana

    green moong seed hi we can supply you green moong seed and black urad seed.if interested then contact us- 9415231926
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    sale;various types of seeds

    hello we want to sale ; flax/linseed oat seed moong seed til seed basmati paddy 9415231926
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    Basmati rice 1121

    basmati pusa1121 hello we can supply you bulk quantity basmati paddy(pusa1121,1509,sugandha) in the month of october2014. 9415231926
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    french beans seeds wanted

    hi we can supply you guar(cluster bean) seed. 9415231926
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    sale;various types of seeds

    hello we offer various types of seed for sale; flax seed, oat seed, moong seed, guar seed 9415231926
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    What exactly is Kaikuthal arisi?? Looking for Business Too

    hello if you are interested in milling of basmati paddy then we can supply you basmati paddy in bulk. 9415231926
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    Wanted Gandhsale paddy

    hello we can supply you basmati paddy pusa1121? 9415231926
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    Farmer who want to earn high returen in agriculture can contact me on 9480577645

    iam interested in your proposal.pls give some details about the project.
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    guar seed (guar gum) avilable for sale very affordable rates

    hello we can provide you dual purpose guar seed.let me know how much quantity of seed you need? 9415231926
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    Industrial grade Guar gum wanted...

    how much quantity of guar seed you need?
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    Wanted To Buy Pimpal Seeds in Bulk

    pls give another name of pimpal seed?
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    sale;basmati paddy pusa1121 seed

    hello we offer basmati paddy pusa1121 seed for cultivation. 9415231926
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    sale;new variety oat seed(jai)

    hello we offer dual purpose oat seed.developed by indian grassland and fodder research institute,jhansi.the seed can be use as green fodder for cattles and as a dalia meal for human being. 9415231926
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    sale;linseed/flax seed

    hello we offer fresh linseed/flaxseed for sale. 9415231926