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    to start diary farm in large scale

    hi Hi, please call me at Thanks Srini M
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    To start dairy Farm

    dairy Hi, please call me for free consultancy y Thanks Srini Sha Dairy farm
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    Diary farm

    Dairy Hi, please call me for a detailed discussion at I have enough to talk on this. Thanks Srini Sha Dairy Farm.
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    suggestions abt dairy cows

    Dairy Hi sadeep, Welcome to Dairy Farming. Call me for detailed chat on this at I own a Dairy farm in Tamilnadu. The local Guy has said it correctly, however I can justify, but in a call. Thanks Srini M Sha Dairy Farm.
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    dairy farming

    Dairy Hi, Please call me for more info. Also I can share knowledge about use of coco peat for soliless agri. Thanks Srini M Alternatively, can I have your mobile to talk about coco peat. Thanks Srini Sha Dairy Farm Thotiyum, Trichy
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    Required Consultancy for GOAT FARMING, near Perambalur - Tamil Nadu

    Goat and Dairy Hi, please contact me (chennai) for complete details on goat farming and dairy farming. We provide End to End farming consultancy stage by stage free of cost. Thanks Srini Sha Dairy Farm Thottiyum Delta region Trichy Dist Perambalalur Paliamentary Constituency Tamilnadu
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    milk dairy

    Dairy please call me for details
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    Dairy farming near chennai Jersey / HF

    Dairy - Reply Hi Bashker, please call me for more details. If you want o keep 25 animals, you would require atleast 2.5 acres of land. Talk to me for profit analysis and operational costs. Thanks Srini,
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    Agriculture land for sale in DELTA REGION - 10 Acres

    Hi Hi, the price includes for 10 acres as is (house, shed, stores room, and servant qtrs). contact me... thanks Srini
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    Agriculture land for sale in DELTA REGION - 10 Acres

    Hello, Agriculture land for immediate sale in DELTA REGION in Tamilnadu. Geography: What is DELTA REGION: Any land situated near the bank of a river. This land is situated in the banks of river Cauvery in Tamilnadu at THOTTIAM. This town is situated on the main road of Trichy - Bangalore...
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    natural fencing for a commercial farmland

    Hi someone had said, KILUVAI is super duper. Thats true. Check with that erode guy. Thanks Srini
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    Dairy Farm

    Hi, please call me for free suggestions. Please contact... Thanks Srini
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    Diary Farming

    hi Hi, Please call me for more info. Thanks Srini SDRL