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    i am interested in chironji and amtur. kindly pm me your contact info.
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    cissus quadrangularis

    I can buy any quantity of hadjod. Please provide samples. I have PM you my address
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    Jyotishmati / Malkangani (Celastrus paniculatus) for sale

    We don't have saplings. we have final product ready for the consumer i.e. red seeds I can't say they can be used for sowing or not !
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    VASA,or VAZA (achorus calamus) hindi name Buch

    we can supply u buch. kindly pm me quantity required.
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    We can buy Any qty of sweet flag,vasambu,calamus,pirandi,anato,gudmar meens gymnima a

    kindly contact me for these enquiries. i have PM you my contact information.
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    about chicory seed purchage

    i hAve chicory seeds in bulk quantity. PM me your contact information
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    wanteed land near delhi or uttarakhand

    wanted around 50 acres of agriculture/barren land within 200 kms from delhi. kindly contact me with location and price per acre. also interested in land on hilly areas of uttarakhand.
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    Asparagus racemosus (Yellow Shatavari) available in bulk

    kindly mail or PM me price per kilogram or your contact no. for further discussion any quantity can be bought.
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    land for sale...........

    contact me mail me exact location and rate per acre ASAP
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    Land for sale

    i am also interested. kindlt tell me the exact location with price details.
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    Land for sale in Sohna,Gurgaon

    pm me exact location and expected price per acre.
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    Land for sale

    i am interseted. send the details.
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    Need 500 kg black konch seeds ( Mucuna Pruriens)

    black konch please tell me ur expected price and location price wil be very cheap !! powder can also be arranged !!!!!!!!!! contact me on my mail or mobile !! other demands can also be fulfilled eagerly !!