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    Suggestion on Plantation and making use of the empty land

    Hello, I have a query related to plantation in 20acres of land in Telangana state. Initially we thought of using it for Fish-pond, due to some reasons we dropped of the plan. The land has good water supply and we dug up nearly 10ft from ground for the purpose of fish-pond. Now the land...
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    Know more about mashroom cultivation

    If anyone has project report, please share... here.. (or) Thanks and Regards, SivaKumar.
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    notarised or registered agreement urgent help required!!

    Notarized Agreement.. for FINANCIAL TRANSACTION is not advised. Registered agreement will always protect both. The STAMP DUTY depends on value of agreement. Once the agreement gets registered both the parties are legally binded, note: keep clauses in case of breaking agreement under mutual...
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    Agricultural Land For Sale 6.73 Acers

    How many times do you post this message???? with number in the message, so that "admin" can't see your number... If you are in urgency to sell go with market price at that location (or) lesser than that....
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    agricultural lands available at low cost near madanapalle @125km from bangalore@1.5la

    Isn't it high price in that area?? I see nearly 1L/acre.... Why are you quoting high? The range is some how from 80K-1.5L. If 1.5L is 140ft water....
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    Gross and Net Income Per Acre

    Hi, This query is intersting and most of us look for this kind of information. May be: professionals (who are farming from years) can share the details with respect to their farms. Thanks and Regards, Siva Kumar.
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    Looking for 50-100 Acre Agriculture Land in Andhra Pradesh

    Hi, Could any one has agricultural land of 50-100 acres in Andhra Pradesh and want to sell it. If so, could you share the details or send me a private message I will contact you. Thanks and Best Regards, Siva Kumar.
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    Palm oil

    Could you share Dear Sir, Could you please share the information to my id..... Please contact.... I am still under way of selecting a crop in my field. Thanks in advance, Best Regards, Siva Kumar.