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    emu birds at low prices

    we are selling emu chicks, birds of 1 yr , 2yr and 3yrs .they are good in condition . at low prices....... intrested persons con thank u
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    giri raja hens for sale

    we are selling giriraja chiken chicks etc feel free to contact 9842085787 we r located in mulanur near kovai chick rate is 10 hen rate is 85
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    giri raja chickens for sale

    we are selling giriraja in our farm so intrested parties contact for more details . or send a private message.
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    naatu koli for sale

    we are selling nattu koli or country chicken in bulk . intrested persons contact or send me
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    giri raja and pure natti for sale in bulk

    we are selling country chicken and giriraja hens are sale in bulk .at (1 kg to 2.5 kg). if intrested persons contact me
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    Giri raja chicken for sale

    We are selling giri raja in all over tamilnadu at reasonable prices.intrested persons contact or send a private msg.
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    giri raja chicken for sale

    we are selling giri raja for sale at afforadable price. ( having 1kg ) .intrested persons con
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    giri raja hens

    we are supplying giriraja chicken .wanted persons cotact me we are delivery all over tamilnadu at over night .
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    Wanted country chicken

    we need pure country chicken for meat purpose .we wanted regularly 5tons per intrested persons contact .kindly send ur price and thier details. thank u
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    naatu koli or country chicken

    we have country chicken in large quantity , we have delivered all over tamilnadu at reasonable prices.intrested parties contact or send private messge.
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    need yellow corn or maize

    we need weekly 15tons maize for our farm regularly on delivery basis.wanted urgent .having persons contact immediate or send a private message.
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    Need country chicks

    We need country chicken chicks contact
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    1 Month old turkey chicks for sale

    can u supply country chicken chicks ?
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    country chicken

    we are supplying country chickens in largelevel in all over tamilnadu at reasonable price.
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    country chickens for sale

    we had country chickens bulk for sale at reasonable price.we can delivery all over tamilnadu. intersted parties call me or send me a private message.
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    wanted country chicks

    we wanted country chicken chicks in bulk so intrested parties contact or send me a private message.
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    wanted country chicken eggs

    we wanted country chicken eggs at large level.if intrested persons call me
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    Need country chicken eggs

    We need country chicken eggs in all over having persons call me
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    country chicken sale

    chicken hii we are from tamilnadu.we had all sizes of country chicken 1.5 to 2.5 kgs.per kg rate is 210. if you want more details contact
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    country chicken sale

    we had country chicken in our own forms.weight is 1.5 to 2 kg/per chicken.per kg rate is 200.we also providing country chicks and giriraja chicks at affordable prices.we are selling chicks by proper vaccints. We sell country chicks from day older to 90 days older, Chicks of quantity 1000 to...