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    dairy farm land

    hello Sir, Please let me know the exact location and price. My email address is thank you.
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    Need Agriculture land with Water in Karnataka

    Thanks for your post. My budget is around below Less than 4L per acre. Thank you.
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    Need Agriculture land with Water in Karnataka

    Hello, i am looking for a good agriculture land with irrigation water. I need around 10 Acres in south Karnataka. Please send me details to Purpose: Agriculture Thank you. With regards Siva.
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    advice needed

    Hi tvlramesh, I forgot to mention the spacing i had in my farm. I have 27ft x 30ft spacing. This allows me to grow other tree based inter-crops like Pomegrante (this would give you high return if the sail is good and suitable), Lemon, Hybrid drumstick and Panana if you have water. When we have...
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    Palm Tree (Panai Maram) for sale

    Hello, I have 17 no.s of more than 70 years old palm trees and around 45 years old 50 trees for sale. The Palm are in Erode District, Tamil Nadu. The 17 trees are very good for house or shed construction. If anyone is interested, please let me know. Please send me personal message or email to...
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    How to register an export company

    Thank you very much. Appreciate you. with regards Siva.
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    Jalapenos seeds

    Hello, I am also interested to grow Jalapenos at my garden. Please let me know if i can get around 20 seeds. My carden is in Bangalore. Thank you. I am also looking for Raja Mirchi / Naga chilli. Please let me know if anyone has seeds for the same. with regards Siva.
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    Hello, Please let me know the location of this land. with regards Siva
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    Need 15-25 Acres agriculture land near Mysore within 50 kms

    Hello, I need 10 acres of land near mysore or on the way to Satya mangalam with good water facility. Please send me the details wiith price. My email address is with regards siva
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    New coconut farm

    Hello Mohamed, As I have coconut form in Erode Dt, i am more happy to share my expreience with you. 1. Findout the land / soil is suitable for coconuts. In general, the Thanjaur is low land and water may get accumulated for months during the rainy season. 2. Do not worry about govt subsidy...
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    How to register an export company

    Dear Members, I like to register an export company in Bangalore which involes in exporting agriculture based products. Please let me know where i can get help? Also, please let me know how much it would cost. Thank you with regads Siva
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    farm for sale

    Hello, I am interested on this property. Please let me know the price. Please send me personal message. with regards Siva.
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    Want 3 inch water pipe for a farm near Marandahalli, Dharmapuri Tamilnadu

    I am sure you might have consulted with an engineer when you decided to go for 20,000 ft water line. As you know, the delivery of liquid or water will get reduced when it travels through a longer pipe line. This is due to the velocity and the friction. So, When water pipe lines are installed, a...
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    Want 3 inch water pipe for a farm near Marandahalli, Dharmapuri Tamilnadu

    Hi, I am glad i can help you. I had purchased 3 Inch pipe - Finolex brand from a direct disputer at Erode and I found the price is more than 20 % less than the big retail stores in city. The only catch is they do not take items back. That means you can not return pipes if any left unused. You...
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    poultry/broiler chicken farm

    Hi, You may contact skm feeds at Erode, Tamil Nadu for complete project details. Thanks, with regards Siva.
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    Poultry/broiler chicken farm

    Hi Mohammed, There is a well know organization in Erode called SKM (SKM Animal Feeds and Foods India Ltd.). You may contact them. With wishes, Siva
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    Land Available Agri Land for Sale @ pollachi, Udumalpet, Aliyar, Anaimalai & Kerala Border

    Hello Kurientc, I am interested in buying land near Kerala border. Please let me know the location. Ping me or send me an email to Thank you. with regards siva.
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    Looking for people to join me for joint purchase of big land

    Hello, I am also interested if you are creating a project in Tamil Nadu or Karnataka. Thank you. with regards Siva.
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    advice needed

    Hi My one cent contribution for the people who are new to this coconut cultivation: I do own a coconut form and i am happy to share my experience. 1. There are three variations in coconut variety at the broader level and they are: 1. West coast tall. -- takes 6 - 7 years to start...
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    Flower Business

    HI, Here are some of the items in the checklist that you want to look first: 1. Do a soil test and findout the nature of the soil. 2. Findout the market potential in your area. If you are looking for export, check the logistics available from your place. 3. Do a sample plantation with few...