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    Free Technique for making organic manure

    organic manure preparation Hello All, It is very simple to prepare organic manure. Search Internet you will find so many ways to make organic manure. search for 'urban leaves' there you will find how to make 'Amrit mitti' using 'Amrit Jal'. Or how to make your soil fertile you can search...
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    Need organic vegetables

    Organic potato required We, Sristi Naturals into organic food marketing in Hyderabad. We have urgent requirement of organically grown potato. Thanks & Regards, Satya Kodali Sristi Naturals, Towards Organic way of life.... Hyderabad
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    Organic Fruits & Vegetables shop in chennai, Tamil nadu

    Organic vegetables and Fruits in Hyderabad We have an organic store in Hyderabad We are interested in sourcing organic vegetables and fruits from the organic farmers. Thanks & Regards, Satya Kodali Sristi Naturals
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    Organic red-gram available

    Interested in Organic red gram whole. PM me. - Satya Kodali Sristi Naturals
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    Fresh Vegetables

    Organic Vegetables We are interested in sourcing organic vegetables and fruits We are located in Hyderabad. At present we are sourcing from other organic farmers and also interested in sourcing other organic farmers. Please contact me for organic vegetables in Hyderabad.
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    Zero Budget Natural farming work shop

    They do not charge anything. They provide accomodation(group) and food for farmers. Medium of communication is in English. Workshop is being held in Andhra Pradesh, they translate in to telugu. - Satya Kodali Sristi Naturals,Hyderabad
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    Zero Budget Natural farming work shop

    A five-day training workshop on ‘Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF)' will be held at Mahathi Auditorium,Tirumala Tirupathi Devastanam(TTD),Thirupati from February 18th to 22nd. The ZBNF, also known as inexpensive natural farming, was propounded by the exponent of natural farming Subhash...
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    Looking for organic fruit suppliers near Hyderabad

    We are into organic & Natural vegetables and fruits marketing in Hyderabad. Please give pm to get in touch with us. - Satya Kodali Sristi Naturals,Hyderabad