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    120 Acres Agricultural Land Near Varanasi

    tomato yield are much more than you have reported, see the following links 450 q per acre that is 45t/a. some hybrids give huge yield if GAP is followed, though the yield in organic may be less in initial years in tamilnadu, the yields are similar regards, Brijesh
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    Cheap rate Lands available for agri & windmill projects

    what kind of scientist are you mr venkataramana?
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    Cheap rate Lands available for agri & windmill projects

    interested in theni, dindigul or sivagangai district ...around 70-100 acres plain land preferred, forest proximity preferred red soil (loam only) please contact or send pm if available
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    Sivagiri, Rajapalaiyam, TN Proximity

    what kind of soil is it? how many owners? eb/bore/fence available? road facility? let me know as I am looking out for around 70 or so acres of land personally brijesh
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    500 to 1000 acres in Tamil Nadu

    Ganesh, that is way outside my budget please check my other message in this post for my requirement
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    500 to 1000 acres in Tamil Nadu

    Which state does the property fall into? if it is Karnataka the not interested as there are lot of restrictions on individuals buying agricultural land, especially if they are not domiciled if its TN then yes regards, Brijesh
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    500 to 1000 acres in Tamil Nadu

    yes interested in bulk purchase only and surely not at 1.4 l/ac, can you drop me a pm with your phone number please?
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    500 to 1000 acres in Tamil Nadu

    nopes I dont have that kind of money :) I am looking for around 75-100 acres of plain land, the 2500 guy is not responding to any emails or replies to his original post
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    500 to 1000 acres in Tamil Nadu

    thanks but we are already negotiating for red soil plain land in sivagangai at around the same cost than those mentioned above
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    500 to 1000 acres in Tamil Nadu

    what is the location?
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    Looking for up to 200 Acres Farm Land

    Sravan, Is he the owner? I do not mind pursuing this proposal with 10 acres of your bit regards, Brijesh
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    200 Acres agriculture plot around 180 km from Bangalore on NH-4 at 1.5 lac/acre

    what state does this land fall into? Karnataka / AP or TN? as I understand it is not easy to buy agri land in Karnataka. We could be potentially interested in this land regards, Brijesh
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    Lands available in chittoor dist with good cliamatic conditiöns ideal for diaries.

    Madanapalle I have sent you a personal message regarding this, please respond
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    Dairy Farming

    same here, looking for 50-100 acres in wayanad or palakkad (palakkad preferable). land can be plain but need water facility budget 1-1.5 lakhs per acre
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    To Start Dairy Business

    cant see the attachment
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    To Start Dairy Business

    Gir cows Hi Pragnesh, Please let me know the following 1. do you have pure breed gir cows i.e. 100% gir blood 2. what is the typical peak milk yield (herd average would be okay) 3. average intercalving period 4. average dry days 5. average lactation days 6. average total yield...
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    50-100 acres of land wanted in Tamilnadu

    does it meet my criteria? whereabouts is the exact location and can you respond on my post e.g. soil type, facilities, past/present cultivation
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    Dairy suggestion

    contact your nearest KVK to obtain information on the cattle fairs and other sources of procuring the animals. you can also investigate with farmers who are in a position to sell surplus stock. it all depends on where you are located and the logistics. there are members in this forum who deal in...
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    Dairy Farm:Concentrate Feed

    why dont you include maize grains, it is a good source of energy and cheap if yo can cultivate and store after drying to 15%-20% moisture content it also is a better source of bypass protein i.e. RUP Energy Content (MJME/kgDM) 13.5 Crude Protein (% DM) 8 NDF (% DM) 9 SSS (%...