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    dairy farm for sale

    9000 sq feet shed, 110 cows capacity,75 % work finished 50 cm3 bio gas plant, water well, motor 3 phase electricity connection milking parlour staff quarters
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    running dairy farm for sale

    Running dairy farm at palakkad district kerala for sale. Please contact
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    Dairy farm for sale

    A well running dairy farm situated at palakkad district kerala for sale interested parties may contact
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    live stock inspector

    Live stock inspector required for a dairy farm situated in kerala state / palakkad dist. Please contact
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    Cheap Feed for Dairy Cows and Baffallows

    beer waste please advise rate per kg
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    rqrd the following feeds for a diary farm

    dear suppliers please quoate your best price and delivery time for the following feeding items for a dairy farm in palakkad (kerala) MICE FLOWER, RICE BRAN (POLISHED), BROKEN RICE, SKM BYPASS, COCUNUT CAKE, BEER WASTE. Thanks vasudevan
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    brand name for milk

    my diary farm construction work is under progress in kerala and it will finish first week of september. i am planning for self marketing farm fresh pure milk (full cream) . so i am looking for most attractive brand name for the same. your suggessions are on name are most welcome. please send...
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    Holstien and Jersey crossbreed cows available

    Dear Prateek what is the cost of HF and transportation cost to kerala. rgds vasudevan
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    where to find pure[high breed] hf cow in tmamilnadu or karnataka

    have you got any reply on this please advise. i am also looking for the same.
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    Dairy in uttarakhand

    Dear Pradeepsubash, Pleae provide me your contact details. i am planning to start a diary farm in palakkad district kerala for that purpose recently i purchased 1.7acres land. rgds vasudevan Please contact..............