Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

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    Turmeric for sale

    turmeric hi plz send us your contact number. we want to buy kumar-9711173304 My name is brijpal.I have the Turmeric (seed like in finger shape) around 500 ton. I am belongs to the farmer family and we belong to near delhi (around 50 km). i have my own Turmeric(Kacchi Haldi varity...
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    Imported raw cashew @75/kg (2013 crop from ghana & benin )

    sir send us a small smaple pack to get it approved from our buyers. regards kumar-9711173304
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    Establish small Agro Co.

    Dear prashant, You can start duck & turkey farm. it has great business potential. We can give you baby ducks & turkey.We also have buy back arrangement. kumar-9711173304 DUTCH Farm
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    Day old chicks for sale - chicken, duck, turkey,

    white pekin ducks we have white pekin ducklings, khaki campbell ducklings for sale. plz contact
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    mediciinal and aromatic plant and seed sell

    sir plz mail us rates for these plants. can u suggest that which can grow in northern india hot weather? mail me at kumar
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    New Shade-net 600 meters for 10,000/-

    shade net where are u located.plz give mobile no
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    Goat Farm Solutions

    sir i want to start a new goat farm. plz send me details about loan & banks as well as complete farm set up.
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    need shed builders

    sir, We can supply you automatic imported sheds which can be assembled in 3 hours.Its heat proof & temperature can be controlled. do send me your mail id to send u pictures with quote.
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    Seeking one partner to invest 2 lakh in rabbit farm

    location sir where is your farm located
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    need shed builders

    shed Dear Jay, we can supply you IMPORTED sheds which are tough & can be temperature controlled.They can be dismantled in 2 hours & re-erected again. plz chk the pics at my profile at facebook-dutchfarm.
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    Quail farming

    quail hi quail is a very profitable business. you can contact us
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    for BROILER Farmers only

    details sir, kindly send me more details about the product and test report if any.Also kindly let me know the mixing rate/ton of feed or mixing rate /kg send details
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    EMU and Rabbit Farming

    emu farm sir we can help you start emu farm on small scale. plz contact me 9711173304
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    Business Opportunity

    sir, plz send us full details
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    Earn Rs 35 Lakh Minimum Per Acre Per Year

    project report sir plz send us details of the project report.
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    Bank loans for your projects

    sir we need bank loan for emu farming in haryana.can u help?? mail
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    i need 500 chicks.plz contact me
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    Turkey Chicks for Sale

    contact me immediately.....i want 2000 chicks of 1 month
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    Jamanapari Goats- for sale

    we want pygmy u have??