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    Innovation during milk Selling

    Go and buy a vending machine.
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    NABARD subsidy

    Dear All, From where you all got this information that you will get 50% subsidy or any Loan form NABARD. When i last contacted the NABARD office Kerala they said they have 1.25 Lacs subsidy max. for those who have 10 Cows if anything more than this 10 also will get same amount only...
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    group land purchase in Maharashtra/goa

    Please send me a PM with your all contact details
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    chamundeshwari dairy farm

    Please provide the price and details of contact on
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    all types of cattles for sale

    Jaganath please send me your contact information on PM kaiarlidairy at G
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    Land for sale

    Please send your details
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    2.36 acres vacant for sale in pollachi - udumalaipet road very near NH

    Please send me ur details to my kairalidairy at g
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    Wanted cheap vacant agricultural land around pollachi

    If it is in Kerala near to Meenakshipuram Checkpost will do then type me kairalidairy
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    low cost roofing shed and fencing

    Please send me your contact no's and details PM
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    Water storage solutions

    Please post the contact details, Location and specification through
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    hf/jersey/all types of cattles for sale

    Please send me the contact details
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    HF Haifer sell

    Please send me ur contact detials at kairalidairy at gmail
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    Dairy farm for sale

    Vasudevan, Please send me the details Regards, MP
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    hf/jersey/all types of cattles for sale

    I need some 25 cows can you please quote for HF and yield -15 ~20
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    1200 acres land for sale in coimbatore

    Can you please send me the details
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    Pollachi - Farm land

    I have some land in Kerala near to Meenakshipuram and 20 KM from Pollachi If you are interested please PM me or mail me on kairalidairy at gmail. Per acre range is 15 ~ 22 Lakhs.
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    low cost roofing shed and fencing

    We need some fencing and low cost shed please send me ur contact details in my PM or
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    Solar Water Pumping System For Agriculture

    Please provide the terms and condition
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    Agriculture Labour

    I need 15 labor in my dairy farm please send me ur details