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    Land Available 4.40Acre Agri land for sale in Kerala

    Hi, Please contact ... Thanks
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    For Sale Enriched FYM/Cow Dung as Per Vriksha Ayurveda System Available

    Hi, Please send me the price and deliver facility in Kerala?
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    Land Available 4.40Acre Agri land for sale in Kerala

    hi, Alakode near Ottathai, Kannur Dist. If you need more details , please contact.
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    Land Available 4.40Acre Agri land for sale in Kerala

    Hi I have 4.40acre Agriland for sale in Kerala(Kannur dist.) their have 120yeilding Coconut Trees(4000 to 5000 coconut getting every two months), small planted coconut 150trees, 6nos big jack fruit trees,120 Aracanut trees,10teak wood trees,30coco plants, 5nutmug trees, 03 bedroom house, Tar...
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    For Sale Pasu sanam or cowdung for sale Rs.2500 per ton in Tamilnadu

    It's dry... Can you arrange to deliver in Kerala?
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    Job Available Labour family required in Kerala

    Please send me your contact number
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    Job Available Labour family required in Kerala

    Hi, I'm looking for a labour family inKerala working mixed agrifarm
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    8 Acre fertile land @madanapalle@150km bangalore

    hi please send this land best rate per acre? thanks Krishnan
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    sale for organic Grains , whole & pulses.

    hi kindly confirm pearl millet price for 01ton for animal feeding purpose thanks & regards Krishnan
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    45 Acres, Single Owner, Near National Highway, at cheap rate, 3.75 Lakhs/Acre, Tumkur

    hi I am looking for cheap 10acre agriland near Virajpet, mysore area. if you have something let me know thanks & regards Krishnan
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    Boer crossed Telichery goats for sale

    kindly confirm your location I am in kerala, looking for tellichery goat and boer kids pls send the price details regards Krishnan
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    Vanaraja & Giriraja 1 day chick wanted urgent

    do you have delivery facility in kerala regards Krishnan
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    250 sheep of varying sizes from 20 to 40 kgs for sale at Vijayawada and West Godavari

    pls provide price for this sheep thanks & regards Krishnan
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    Tellacherry goats for sale

    hi please send me the price and your location. regards Krishnan
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    Talacherry and Cross Boer goats for sale

    pls send me your location and how old are this goats thanks & regards Krishnan
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    Agri Land for sale near Nuzvid 13 Km from Nuzvid

    hi please send me the price details also some photograph Krishnan
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    rohu and katla fish for sale(marketing)

    pls send me your location and price details regards Krishnan
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    13.28 acres, near Malavalli, 110 Kms from Bangalore, for sale

    Dear Sanjay, please send me best price details and some photograph. thanks & regards Krishnan
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    Agricultural land for sale near Mysore

    Hi, please send me Price and some photograph thanks & regards Krishnan