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    Wanted Agriculture land required in reasonable price in South India

    Hi, We are from Guntur, We are looking for agriculture lands in reasonable price. Kindly contact me if the land is available with you.
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    Emu Farming project report purpose,

    Hi Krishna, Please send your phone number thru private messsage , SO I can provide you all the details.
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    emu pair

    We have 14 months birds grown with higenic food and helthy environment. We are offering you for very competitive price, Our bord weight is 40 kgs.
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    ONE YEAR EMU BIRDS for sale

    13 to 14 months age emu birds for sale(genuine age), good breed and reasonalble me @
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    Emu farming (Is Emu farming suitable in sandy land which is near to the sea)

    Dear Chowdary , Sandy land is 100% suitable for EMU farming , make sure the market and current situations before going to start your farm.
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    EMU birds for sale

    Emu birds for sale at very attractive price>pls pm me your num for details
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    Emu birds

    Emu birds (6 and 7 months of age) for sale at attractive price,please PM me for the details.
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    Emu breeders

    EMU BREEDER birds for sale ...fourth laying birds with good hatchability....if you are really intrested please send me private message or you can mail me t0 cb .
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    Land Required Agriculture Land - 2 acres to 800 acres - price from rs-25000 per acre only

    Dear Mr.Anil ...Please SMS me your contact details
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    Emu Chicks for Sale - Best Price

    Hi Raja, Glad to hear from you after long time ....I want 12+ months birds you have it now in your farm and what is the price of it . if you have it I would like to buy 6 pairs.pls let me know Thanks Srinivas
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    Land buying

    try in Kanigiri area ...hope you will get it there.
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    mini tractor wanted

    Captain trac is good
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    Emu farming

    Hi friends, i am planning to start emu farming.can you please share your expieriences. Is it profitable ? Thanks sri
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    Emu eggs wanted

    Hi , We buy the emu eggs. if you are intrested to sell the emu eggs . Please contact me please quote your offered price also. Thank you
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    Emu birds for sale in bangalore

    Bharath ...I am very much intrested to buy ...please send me full details
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    Interested to start a agri business!!!!!!!!

    quantity depends on your budget ...time of holding is depends on market and season...and selling is not at all a problem...buyers will come to your door step...if you want detail info send your contact details via PM.
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    Interested to start a agri business!!!!!!!!

    Deepthi can buy the chillies gram and paddy rice and have to store it for some time and you can sell when the price increases you can get reasonable profits and its nt risky business also. Let me know if you need any help
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    dry chilli- sannam-4 for export

    Please contact us to buy directly from the Farmers ..from Andhar pradesh GUNTUR
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    salt water

    You cont do any cultivation with salt water except prawns cultivation.instead of that you can go ahead with commercial crops like cotton maza and mirch .those crops are dependent on rains.
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    tractor selling

    I am intrested in buying your tractor .Pls mail me your contact details.and where r u located in Andhra