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    dry & green fodder for gir cow

    How much dry & wet fodder require for GIR cow per day ?
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    Gir Cows For Sale

    are you sure they consume only 10-12 kg /per day ( green & dry )
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    60 acres Mango Orchards for sale in West UP

    is it available on lease or profit share basis agt day to day management
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    Green fodder management

    green fodder pl let me your charges for consulting of green fodder dev. at udaipur
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    sale;basmati paddy pusa1121 ,1509 and sugandha seed,tila seed

    we are int in 1121 & 1509 for surat - contact
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    Nellikai 100% Organic - more than 1 ton available immediately - Chennai

    i am rajwant have u recd bio data ? as per our telephonic talk
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    milk product supplier (butter,ghee,panner)

    send the of price of ghee ( Cow only ) at
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    Drumsticks, ONION

    your product is sale able at surat ?
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    Gir Cows For Sale

    place of delivery ?
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    Required People for Surat Project

    i am at surat , interested in agri
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    pomegranate cultivation consultancy

    on assignment basis at present surat