Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

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    EMU birds for FREEEEEEEEEE

    Emu Birds Pl. give your details like cell no. & mail id and location regarding Emu Birds as per your Advertisement basis. Thank You
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    Free goat farming project report

    Stalfed Goat & Sheep Farm Sir, pl. send project report for Stalfed Goat & Sheep Farm. Thank U
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    Goat / Sheep farming, a profitable business venture

    most profitble Farm which Farm is the most Profitble and early returns between Goat or Sheep (Stalfed) in Hyderabad Area, Andhra Pradesh
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    CO4 Slips for sale

    what is the purpose of CO4, it useful to Goat/Sheep And Emu Farm Feed ?. It is used to to above farms pl. send details, like rate and other conditions along with CO4 slips photos . (A.M. RAO, Hyderabad, A.P. - Mail : )
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    FENCE ENERGIZER for Agriculture & Farms

    Pl. send Quotation and complete details along with ( Fencing ) Photos. ( A.M. RAO., mail : )
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    EMU birds for sale

    Pl. mail howmany birds you have, & .what is the rate. if rate is reasonable we take all birds. A.M. Rao. cell : 9912598499, mail :
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    FREE Goat Farming Hand Book & Project Report

    pl. send Free hand book & project report of Goat farm as early as possible
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    Emu chicks for very reasonable price

    what is your selling price & howmany youhave
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    Goat Farming in Tamil Nadu

    Goodmorning Kirti, Iam from Hyderabad A.P. we are interested Goat / ship farm. which farm is the best returns, easy maintenance and early returns. 100 or 200 nos is viable project or not? pl. send mail with full information about this both Farms Expenditure & returns statement. Thank You,
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    Wanted Watermelon fruits for sales in Bulk in Tamilnadu/Chennai

    Mr. Reddy garu, we want best seeds (watermelon) for crop purpose. pl. send mail with details.
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    Giriraja chicks

    we are intersested to start this business. pl. send mail with complete details of growing, marketing, and howmuch frofit % per 1000nos unit. please send full information and different stages photos also. after see your reply mail i contact immediatly ok mail. id. :
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    Used Four Colour Offset Printing Machine for Sale

    what is the cost & Pl. send photos ............................................
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    Wanted EMU birds

    Emu for sale we are from Hyderabad, A.P., we have full healthy Emu 10 pairs of 3rd laying & 75 birds of 12th months age. our rate is Rs. 15000/- per pair and Rs.4500/-per bird of 12 months age at Hyd Farm rate. if you wants pl. send mail.
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    comercial tree plantation

    I am Mohan Rao from Hyderabad, A.P., we verymuch interested to Commercial Tree Plantation in my own land 10acres at near by Hyderabad. Pl. send details of this project like howmuch investment per acre, Marketing strstegy ,howmuch time to take for returns and which soil is the best, water...
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    Agricultural Land Near to HYD (upto 100KM)

    Mr. Sampath, pl. give your cell no. & mail id for your required land
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    agriculture lands for sale

    Mr. Surendra, Goodmorning. Pl. give details of lowcost agri-lands at nearby Hyd. redious is 70 kms below in RR Dist or Mahabubnagar dist. send mail with complete details
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    Country chicken for sale

    Mr. Nanda, Iam Mohan Rao from Hyderabad. how is country chiks business. is it suitable climate for hyderabad? and how is returns, and what is the investment and how to market. pl. send with complete details and photos also. (
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    Emu Egg Hatching Machine

    Mr. Nithin, pl.send mail with quotation (hatching capacity 320 & 710 )
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    Wanted Land 30 to 50 Acre near Hyderabad

    we have 24 acres agriland with plenthy water source. distance is 65 kms from hyd. (Mahabubnagar dist. limits.) what is your budget per acre. pl send mail.
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    We would like to sell 100 emu birds. Location: Cuddapah (Dt) Andhra Pradesh

    We are interested, but what is the price, Pl. send mail