Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

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    For Sale Mushroom products by Mushroom Learning Center Kolhapur

    Please contact company CEO for import of mushroom and its products to the gulf and Iran PH & W/app: + 968 96366282 E mail:
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    Wanted Farm manager JOB wanted

    My discussions and negotiations are on for securing an area of 300 plus acres in Tirunelveli district and looking for someone to develop it. Please contact if interested to:
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    For Sale 500 acers Wayanad coffee plantation

    Hi, can you give more details of the property please to E mail:
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    For Sale 140 acrs land from Bangalore 170km

    Please write with details of the property, photos & videos etc to : The Managing Director,
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    Wanted Need partner for commercial venture

    Dear INTER TRADE Member, Thank you for showing interest in my ad: and would like to suggest you to write/call me to discuss more in detail. Thanks and Regards Shailajan Ph: + 968 96366282, W/app: + 968 98553393, Email:
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    For Sale Dairy farm for sale near Bangalore.

    Please provide details along with photos/videos for necessary evaluation for a prospective buyer.Please contact: E:
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    For Sale 100 acre land for sale near Kollur, Kundapura Udupi

    Please contact: Email:
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    Wanted Need partner for commercial venture

    Dear Member, I am planning to set up an INTEGRATED FARMING BUSINESS in Tamilnadu, India and works on acquiring agri land of about 100 to 300 acres of Developed/underdeveloped farm is in progress. Please share your views of joint venture business in this field for my study and further approval...
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    For Sale Dairy farm for rent

    Dear Mr.Ajith Kumar, I read your message few months before also in AI site but did not respond at that time coz my plans of owning a farm like yours was far away from my reach then and now I hope it is coming near and wish to know more about it though you have given a wider explanation...
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    For Sale 100 acre land for sale near Kollur, Kundapura Udupi

    Please send more details, price, photos/videos available crops and other infrastructure details to
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    For Sale Dairy Farm for Sale : Milk Chilling

    My inquiry is sent for Leasing rate and your terms & conditions. Now saw ad for selling.Please quote your sale price also with terms & conditions to:
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    For Sale Agriculture land for sale in Karnataka

    Please quote with photos/videos and details of the property for a NON-KANNADA person to understand and evaluate to E:
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    For Sale Milk chilling Unit ( IBT) for Sale - Clear Sale

    Hi Member, Please advise your HALF YEARLY/YEARLY Lease rate and other terms & conditions of the milk cooling unit to Mr.SAI, E:
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    For Sale Murrel fish seedlings 1000 to 50000 available For immediate sale

    Dear Member, Need to understand more about FRESH WATER FISH FARMING AND AQUAPONIC PROJECTS OF SMALL/MEDIUM/LARGE SCALE.Planning to purchase 100 to 300 acres of suitable agricultural land in Tirunelveli/Theni/ Madurai etc in Tamilnadu to set-up a FARMING BUSINESS. Please advise if interested in...
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    Farming Training Course Without Fee: Organic, Biodynamic, Spiritual and Vriksha Ayurveda Farming

    I am interested in your training programme. Please send me further details and course prospectus to understand it better. Tx Mr.SAI E:
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    I am planning to set-up an INTEGRATED FARMING BUSINESS by acquiring 100/ 200/300 acres of agricultural land in Tamil Nadu and looking for a Project Consultant on a consolidated basis from acquiring land to implementing all activities like, DAIRY, POULTRY, SHEEP/GOAT FARMING, FISHERY, RABBIT...
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    Wanted Wanted State wise partners in INDIA in Organic Agriculture Division

    Hi, I would like to get more details and terms and conditions of your state wise partner through my below mentioned mail or you can contact on the phone number/W: app number given. I am currently in the gulf and planning to come back to India shortly to set up my INTEGRATED FARMING BUSINESS by...
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    Advertising Export Import Broker

    Give your contact details to : and expect further business.
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    For Sale Bulk lands for sale in Krishnagiri / Dharmapuri

    Please contact with land details, photos/videos and expected price to:, Ph: +968 96366282 , W/app: + 968 98553393 I am looking to buy 100 to 300 acres of agricultural land for INTEGRATED FARMING PROJECT @ a cost between one to three lakh per acre depending on nature of land...
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    For Sale Land

    Write location and land details to: