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    For Sale Chaff cutter for Cattle/Goat farm

    Hi, We selling our used Single Phase 1 HP Electric Motor Driven Chaff Cutter. Selling off this because we have stopped the goat farming. 7 Months old excellent condition but used only 2 months. Can easily manage to cut fodder for 10 cattle/50 goats. Expected price is 8,000. Location: Bangalore...
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    HF cows available for sale

    We have a dairy farm in Bangalore where we have 9 HF cows and all are in good condition. The cows have been procured from doddaballapur. Most of them are newly calved and one will calf in the next 2 weeks. We are open to selling all of them. Would request ONLY SERIOUS buyers contact us. A...
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    Cows and buffalos available for sale

    Hi, I am from Bangalore and having 9 HF cows and two calves for sale. 8 cows are in prime lactation and one is ready to give birth. Only serious buyers contact me. Thanks, Sibi
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    Cows and buffalos available for sale

    Hi surya, I have sent you a private message. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks, Sibi
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    Chaff cutter for Cattle/Goat farm

    I have a Chaff cutter machine that is 5 months old and used just one month. It is running with 1HP single phase motor (suguna motor). selling it because due to some personal reason i have sold out all my goats. Price : 12,500. Thanks, Sibi 9916397071
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    Ear tag for goat and sheep

    I have 600 ear tags (001 - 600) and its applicator that i purchased for my goats. Due to some personal reason i have sold out all my goats. So i selling ear tag for a reasonable price. tag price 9 rs/ tag Applicator free if purchase all ear tags. (this cost around 475 rs) Thanks, Sibi...
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    Malabari/Thalassery Goats for sale in Bangalore

    I have sent email to all of you with the price and details. Thanks.
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    Malabari/Thalassery Goats for sale in Bangalore

    Dear farmers, I have started a goat farm 4 months back with 42 pure bred malabari goats and 1 Boer male. All goats are aged between 1 to 2.5 year old all are vaccinated (PPR, HS, ET, FMD) and dewormed. Almost all goats are pregnant now. 5 of them delivered in last couple of months and have 8...
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    CO-4 Grass slips in bangalore

    Hi Ayush, Thanks for your response., As you mentioned, I dropped a mail to you with details.
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    CO-4 Grass slips in bangalore

    Hi friends, Can anybody help me to get CO4 grass slips for planting 1 acre in Bangalore. I have approached GKVK and Hesserghatta Fodder Farm, but its not available there. I need it urgently. Thanks in Advance, Sibi.
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    Boier male goat for sale

    How old is these male goats?
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    Hydroponic fodder for goats

    Thanks for the reply. It will be costly if we install hydroponic fodder system to produce the fodder. But i am planning to implement it myself with the locally available materials. i don't think it will cost more than Rs. 2.5 per 1 KG fodder. As this fodder is protein rich, it will cause the...
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    Hydroponic fodder for goats

    Hello, Can hydroponic fodder used as a complete replacement of green fodder for goats? How much maximum can be given to a goat per day? Thanks in advance, Sibi