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    Land Available 200 acres of the land for sale

    QUOTE="devendran _100, post: 519263, member: 294370"] 100 kilometers from Bangalore 19 lakhs per acre 200 acres single patch Clear title Buyers can contact me[ Please contact me , or advise the location , altitude of the area and the crops grown there.
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    News Organic Farmers Producer Company at Salem, Tamilndu.

    Hai ShajathAli, What are the products you have , are you looking for distribution contract , long term , we would like to discuss about kerala if you are interested , please get back to me ,
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    Available Dairy farm for sale

    Please advise about the outrigHt sale price and exact location of farm , please pm me
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    6.5acres of agri land for sale in mysore

    Dir, i am Interested, i am from kerala, pls get me your best quote and advise me when can I come and see you Best Regards
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    Farm Land available near Bangalore for rent

    Dear Sir, we are interested , could you pls advise 1. Whether you are looking ro out right Purchase? or lease 2. I am from kerala and now an expat, wants to come back and dot he agri, is that possible to do farming without any certification , that i am a farmer?? Please advise us the price...
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    Is writting something on the Late Dr.vergheese Kurien a crime?

    Kurian and Pseudo Farmers around us Dear k1jatrophaoils, (who posted the original blog) There were people who tried to destroy the serene nature of our country and still there, as they say development, and inject Urbanization and Industrialization, as only way of development. These pseudo...
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    sale/lease of agriculture land

    interested Pls send deatails or to contact you personally irshad
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    Low investment and high profit business in agriculture

    Interested Please send more details or to contact you personally , regards irshad thanks and regards
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    Indian Fresh Big Orange (Santra-Nagpuri) for sale

    Sir, I am an Indian expat working in Saudi Arabia,would like to take an agency in Middle east especially in Saudi Arabia, for Indian fruits, and would like to know the exports and export possibilities from your end to Saudi aAabia, please advise us the procedures. thanks regards irshad
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    120acres mango garden @bangalore 100 km away@7 bore@2.5 lac per acre@palamaneru nh4.

    Agri land Sir, We are a group from Kerala planning to have a diary farm and multi farming, we would like to contact you, pls advise , currently i am in Saudi Arabia and our teams are in Kerala, they will come and meet you and myself , thank you , pls reply asap regards
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    Agricultural Land

    Land What is the possibility of a kerala guy to come and buy the land? since we afraid of Tamil Attack there any protection???/
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    7 acre agri land avilable in tamilnadu (100 km from bangalore) Dharmapuri district

    Land I am basically from Banglore, But a Malyalee, but unfortunately i am afraid to look for land in Tamil Nadu, because the Tamilian Intolerance to malayalees. Lot of agri lands have been destroyed in kambam , theni , Coimbatore and many parts, we are afraid, in future also may be we will be...
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    217 acres with bamboo tree for sale very very cheep price

    Pls send details of the land , exact location, altitude , and soil type... Regards irshad.
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    Farm land

    looking for farm land, in Kerala /Tamilnade or Kerala/karnataka border, Ooty, Wynad, Gundalpet, Goodalore, Mysore, moonnar.Kodaikanal, Kambam/theni areas. Min 5 acres max 20 Acres, pls contact thanks
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    Wanted Cotton Seed

    Required large quantity of cotton seed , 35000 Tons per month for two years , pls Quote your best for raw cotton seed FOB Mumbai . Pls contact
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    125 acres agriculture land for sale

    Hi I am interested in this land , pls send your contact Regards Irshad
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    Rs.85,000 -1,00,000/Acre in sivagangai area (5km from NH 226)

    S.indian Expat interested Please contact me , interested in land, we are palnning to investment and looking for community development Please contact.. Regards
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    150 acres plain land for sale

    Interested in 150 acre land would like to know more details, pls send the city map and the route, we will send our representative, and also advise is that area is good for diary farming, also advise the weather and temperature there , through the seasons... Please contact..