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    Wanted A single / family to look after dairy farm near Pollachi. Contact: 8344266000

    Will contact you tomorrow, 8144749100
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    Wanted Agriculture land required in reasonable price in South India

    50 acres agricultural land at palani, 6 lacks per acre
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    Wanted I want to buy good and bold cardamom 100 kgs per month.

    I have cardamom,pepper'coffee estate for sale,looking for buyer 8144749100
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    Wanted Dairy farm worker needed urgently

    My uncle 60 looking for job, very honest, he was senior accounted, please let me Know thanks
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    For Sale agricultural land for sale at Palani ,Tamilnadu

    Hi, everyone, 50 acres agricultural land at palani , price 6 lacks fixed price... 8144749100
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    Wanted Farm labour

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    Tea எஸ்டேட் விலைக்கு வேண்டும்

    Contact me on Monday between 11 am to 5 pm, 8144749100
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    Wanted Wanted a Fram labor for a small farm

    Where is located
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    Wanted Dairy farm worker needed urgently

    General workers or manager
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    Wanted Require Cheap Agriculture Land for Sale in Karnataka and Andra Pradesh 5 Acres to 50 Acres

    We have well maintained cardamom, pepper, vanilla, coffee with British banglo,servent Qtr,bore well, well, 45 acres, looking for buyer 8144749100, Annakati.
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    Wanted Cheap agricultural land near Chennai.

    28 acres available ,per acre price 17 lacks contact me 8144749100 Coimbatore, also 5.5 acres mango,cashunut trees, coconut, chicku, banana with servent qtrs expected 2 cr, negotiable
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    Wanted Cheap agricultural land near Chennai.

    Cheap agricultural land per acres just 16 lacks, total 28 acres available
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    Wanted Wanted 5-10 acres land for lease in Andhra or Telangana.

    Any one interested buying cardamom pepper , coconut farm estate call me 8144749100
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    Need guidance to start a farm house Business in Kerala

    Hi we have 40 acres of cardamom, pepper coffee estate in Kerala , also coconut farm 39 acres for sale, 8144749100
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    Wanted Need Family to take care of my farm

    Hi, I am Raju Krishnan, I am looking for farm manager job, I have experience in tea, coffee, pepper, cardamom, mixed vegetables agricultural farming, I feel kind adventure diving in to farming culture, you still looking for care taker, I love to work
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    Wanted Looking for sweet corn seeds

    Planing for 2 acres sweet corn agricultural