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    For Sale 40 Gunthas of Clear Title NA plot at Dehrang, Panvel @ 5 Lakhs per guntha - NaviMumba

    I am interested to buy if rates are reasonable . 15-20 guntha required
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    Land Required Cheap land any where India

    Please contact on my mobile 9324186600
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    For Sale Low Budget Land / Farm @ Kotagiri QUOTE="chennaisaki, post: 38219, member: 296057"]Sir send me your mail id, I will send u the details
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    For Sale Low Budget Land / Farm @ Kotagiri

    I am looking for low budget land may be Barron land or waste land @ 1 Lakh to 2 Lakh maximum. Land should be on road may be mandal to mandal Road or district to district or state highway. I need 25 acres to 50 acres minimum. My whatsapp no. 9324186600
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    Wanted Want to buy agricultural plain land near or around Hassan, Karnataka.

    Where is your land and minimum Price ? My whatsapp 09324186600 Regards
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    Wanted 10 acre for 10 Lakhs in Tirunelveli (Immediate Purchase)

    I am willing to buy land in Tuticorin if prices are very reasonable. My whatsapp 9324186600 Regards QUOTE="agripal, post: 34667, member: 87415"]Is there any problem with Tuticorin or Tirunelveli lands ?.. It seems the rate in those areas are very cheap
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    Wanted Agricultural land around 50 kms from Hyderabad

    Minimum price? My whatsapp o. 9324186600 Regards QUOTE="sai213, post: 35832, member: 311148"]Cheapest agriculture land for sale near hyderabad. I have 50 Acer's agriculture land for sale near Hyderabad
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    For Sale Bulk lands for sale in Krishnagiri / Dharmapuri

    Minimum price? My whatsapp 9324186600 QUOTE="byravi, post: 38078, member: 294813"]150 acres in hosur talk,25 acres in krishnagiri talk,120 acres in dharmapuri ,300 acres in madurai, interested buyers can contact me (only buyers)brokers can ignore We give support for North Indian and who...
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    For Sale Land

    Where is your land and price minimum ? My whatsapp no. 9324186600 . Is it on road? QUOTE="temer garg, post: 37299, member: 318003"]Wanted to sell my 100 acers land
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    For Sale 750 acars land for sale

    Want to buy land in any road may be on mandal to mandal ,district to district, state highway, national Highway Or Taluka to Taluka road. With low price .May be undeveloped land or Barron land or hilly land etc. My whatsapp 9324186600 Regards
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    For Sale About 100 acres of agriculture land for sale

    Minimum price and other details please. My whatsapp no. 9324186600 Regards QUOTE="sandeepsajjala, post: 36762, member: 317604"]Hello, About 100 acres of agriculutre land for sale, 20KMs from Kadapa. It is a mango orchard with fully grown trees. Interested people please call +919989999513 or...
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    I am interested to buy Land. My budget is 1 Lakh to 2 Lakh per acre only. If you can suggest something. My whatsapp no.9324186600 Regards QUOTE="ksenthur17, post: 37699, member: 162793"]50 ACRES of agri land available for sale in Tamilnadu Sivaganga Dist . Rate 3.5 laks per acre. Single...
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    For Sale 20 acres land having granite stones at Udumalpet Taluk

    I am also intrested to buy Land My whatsapp 09324186600. Please share the detail and your commission?
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    For Sale Looking for 2acre land strictly for agricultural purpose within 80 km radius from Bangalore.

    I am also looking for Barron land or agricultural land with in 1 Lakh to 2 Lakh per Acres. If u can offer something. Land should be on road mandal to mandal or district to district or on state/ national Highway . My whatsapp 9324186600 QUOTE="aumsairam, post: 32655, member: 13477"]Lands...
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    For Sale Cheap Lands Bulk sales only

    I want 25 acres minimum. Please quote best minimum price. My whatsapp 9324186600
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    For Sale Agriculture land available for sale Near Igatpuri , Vaitarna dam ( Nashik )

    Minimum price ? My whatsapp 9324186600 QUOTE="sadguru krupa, post: 32588, member: 195308"]Dear sir /Madam, Dealing in Agriculture land / Industrial land near vaitarna Dam & nashik-Mumbai Highway ( Gonde MIDC ) Dam View & Dam Touch Property for Farm house Agriculture land , Industrial land...
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    For Sale Sale for Ahmedabad-Rajkot Highway touch agriculture land

    Minimum price and provide details. My whatsapp no. 9324186600 QUOTE="sandeep 25, post: 36555, member: 317347"]Sale for Ahmedabad-Rajkot Highway touch agriculture land in hotel or petrol pump purpose. Interested party please contact fullfil.
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    For Sale Agriculture land for sale near hyderabad

    Minimum price ? My no. 9324186600