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    Lawn mower

    Hi, I am put up in chennai, and my land is at 80 KM from my residence, into Andra Pradesh. Let me know if you could find a vendor near by. Thanks, Vishnu
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    Lawn mower

    In about a acre. I can have it done with labour, but its flowers create some alergic reaction. So, I am looking for some equipment which, apart from avoiding skin contact, can also have the work done easily and effortlessly.
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    Lawn mower

    Hi, I have a land with tall grass and some thin plants (about a feet tall). Is there any lawn mower sort of machine that can cut them down? I would like to have them evenly cut to make them look like a lawn. Also can this or anything simillar be used to harvest spinach and Amaranthus (as...
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    Organic certification - doubts on norms

    I have brought 20 acres of virgin land for organic farming (so that the certification will be quicker) in Andhra Pradesh, India, and I am working to make it cultivable. I am planning for Organic certification (including USDA, NPOP and EU) so that I can go for export. I have the following...
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    Organic farming certification and consultation

    Hi, I am working on building an organic farm (a 20 acre of land is already bought @ 90 KM from Chennai). I am planning to go to export market. I want to know which will be the best certification agency to go to and a consultant to go to. Thanks, Vishnu
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    root anatomy

    Hi, I am looking for a website which can be a sort of an encyclopedia for plants. I am particularly looking for plant anatomy. Anyone knows any website?
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    Multi-tyre farming

    Hi, I am planning to do multi-tyre farming in a small scale. I am planning to have multiple vegetables, fruits and flowers (preferably annual or less) planted near each other. I am trying to know which will be the right combination. In my search so far, I was able to get this combination only...