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    polyhouse capsicum marketing

    Hi, I want the name and address of some companies/buyers to whom I can sell capcisum in mumbai(APMC-vashi) or pune market. salil
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    Capsicum or Gerberra (polyhouse farming) ???

    Fellow Farmers, Please guide me in this dilemma. I want to know which plant will help me getting more profit. I am planning to start a poly house in 1 acre land in raigad dis. Maharashtra. I have looked at both the options. But i am still not sure which plant will give me better...
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    Marketing for polyhouse capsicum

    Dear Shrishti, Thanks for a quick reply. But, my main concern still remains. How do we market/sell our polyhouse products. Also, are these rates given by direct vendors or market agents ? salil
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    Marketing for polyhouse capsicum

    Dear Farmers, I am new to this field. I am soon going to start poyhouse for capsicum and other vegetables. I have 3 acre land in raigad disctrict, maharashtra. I have few question : 1) I wanted to know how should I market/sell the capsicums produced in my polyhouse. 2) What should...